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‘Yellowstone’ Star Dawn Olivieri Speaks Out About Her Morally ‘Fuzzy’ Character’s True Motives

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images for Paramount)

With just two episodes left until Yellowstone season five’s midseason finale, the series’ newest addition, Dawn Olivieri — known for her role as Sarah Atwood and for her former role in 1883 as Claire Dutton — is speaking out about her morally “fuzzy” character’s true motives. She specifically detailed the character’s romantic, albeit strange, relationship with Wes Bentley‘s character Jamie Dutton and how her character differs from Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

“I wanted [Sarah Atwood] to be fuzzy,” the Yellowstone star began during an interview with ET. “I wanted her to be out of focus for everyone.”

Reflecting on that goal after watching her first episodes in Yellowstone season five, it appears Olivieri’s accomplished just that.

“Even for me, when I watched it,” she continued, “I was like, ‘Oh god, I’m so fuzzy.’ You build a character that is unspecific and that’s what I wanted. And it plays really well in that sense that she is like that.”

How Sarah Atwood Plans to Unseat the Duttons:

Above all else, it’s important for Olivieri’s Yellowstone character to remain fuzzy because, as we learned almost immediately after we met Sarah Atwood, her goal is to unseat the entire Dutton family. And it’s clear she’s started with Jamie.

During Sunday’s newest episode of Yellowstone, Sarah Atwood revealed her true motives for dating Bentley’s Jamie Dutton. After yet another round of sex with Montana’s Attorney General, Olivieri’s character revealed she wants Jamie to unseat John Dutton (Kevin Costner) as governor and reinstate Market Equities’ land lease so they can continue work on their airport. Should Jamie help Sarah accomplish these goals, he’ll find himself in the position he’s been striving for his whole life: governor of Montana.

However, as the outlet points out, that all depends on how much of her hand Sarah Atwood has actually revealed to Jamie. Are these just empty promises, or does the morally fuzzy character really intend to see Jamie back on his way to the governor’s seat?

Dawn Olivieri Details How Sarah Atwood Differs From Beth Dutton

Aside from her moral fuzziness, what makes Dawn Olivieri’s Yellowstone character so interesting is that despite similarities in demeanor and appearance to Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton, their personalities differ greatly. More than anything, what differentiates these two powerful female characters is that Beth is reactive while Sarah is a plotter.

Olivieri specifically said during her interview, “Beth is specific. We love watching her because there’s no question as to what she wants, how she’ll react, what she’s going to do.”

And while that mostly plays to her advantage, as we’ve seen season after season of Yellowstone, this becomes a risk when facing off with Sarah Atwood. Her actress continued, “when you go toe to toe with someone like [Sarah], the danger in being the specific one is that I, as Sarah, know where you’re going to fall.”

She explained, “I know where your weak point is going to be because you’ve shown me all your cards. That’s Beth’s downfall here.”

Still, while Dawn Olivieri has more insight than we do as to what comes next on Yellowstone, she’s left guessing about her character’s motives for the latter half of season five as much as we are. At least for now.