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‘Yellowstone’ Star Denim Richards Issues Warning About How Social Media Adds to People’s ‘Fear,’ Says to Use ‘With Discernment’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

A man of many talents, Denim Richards is one of the many rising stars comprising the cast of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.”

Richards plays the capable cowboy and “Yellowstone” ranch hand, Colby, in the modern western drama. Colby continues to see more and more screen time as the show evolves his storyline. His role expects to continue its climb as the fourth season of “Yellowstone” grows ever closer. Richards does an excellent job portraying Colby, making him a very likable character and trusted ranch hand.

Outside the “Yellowstone” set, Denim Richards is a thoughtful and considerate individual. At 32-years-old he has much wisdom and often uses social media to share words of the wise with his fans. He did just that on Thursday, taking to Twitter to share his thoughts on the negativity that social media can sometimes have on our lives. His tweet seems to resonate with a lot of people, including his many social media followers.

“‘Social media'” adds to a lot of people’s fear, anxiety, and stress,” the “Yellowstone” star writes. “Use these platforms with great discernment. It is not reality no matter how many hours a day you spend scrolling through timelines and posting.”

From Richard’s lips to God’s ears, many people feel the exact same way when it comes to social media. The “Yellowstone” actor hopes that his fans and social media followers will heed these words of wisdom.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want More of Denim Richards

It is far from the first that Denim has used social media in an effort to get a message across. Earlier on Thursday, he again uses Twitter in order to impart wisdom to his followers.

“Staying in a cycle of fear becomes an addiction,” he writes. “The thing that you are so ‘afraid’ of becomes the very thing you don’t know how to live without.”

“Yellowstone” fans are eager to see what is in store for Colby in the upcoming new season. The ranch hand has become a fan favorite of show watchers who watched in horror as he was nearly killed off in season three. While taking a dip in a nearby stream, Colby and fellow ranch hand, Teeter, are attacked by Wade and Clint Morrow. They are almost trampled to death by their horses but manage to survive. Now, the two are involved in a romantic relationship that fans can’t wait to further explore.

We also see Colby and Teeter earn their “Yellowstone” brands after participating in the murder of the Morrows. It was a crowning achievement for both of the ranch hands and is sure to play into season four somehow. One thing is for sure and that is fans want to see more of Colby and Teeter in the upcoming new season.

We don’t have an official premiere date for season four, but it is drawing closer by the day.