‘Yellowstone’ Star Eden Brolin Gets Married, Her Father Josh Brolin Posts Heartfelt Message

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

“Yellowstone” star Eden Brolin wed her fiancé in early May, and her father Josh Brolin–who recently starred in Prime Video’s newest series “Outer Range”–was there to wish her well on her new life journey. He posted a photo on Instagram of the couple, and wrote a heartfelt caption for his daughter on her special day.

“Sitting on the deck looking out at the countryside, the pond, and listening to the sounds of the wildlife. Coffee in hand. My daughter having just gotten married and all of us having been inside the greatest, most intimate wedding ceremony I’ve ever seen,” he began, reflecting on the moment afterward. “Everything was real and as diverse as the personalities involved were, everything was selfless, connected, and directed towards the wedding couple.”

Additionally, he continued, “Turkeys gobbling somewhere off to the south. The sun just hitting me. Frogs braying. My family asleep. Ground squirrels scurrying around. The hidden sounds of a truck sneaking across a dirt road. How strange I feel this morning.

“Here, this morning, alone on this ranch, among all this wildlife. I feel what a waste of life certain behaviors are, reactions. My daughter last night, my God, and her groom: awe. We will leave here today or tomorrow and keep going, kids still in our bed all night. We will travel, and I will compile there. I know what to put together. A book from ‘87 until now: journals, prose, poems: a gasoline bubble bath.”

Josh Brolin’s Daughter Eden Married in Early May, and He Wrote the Most Poetic Send-Off

“When your daughter gets married it all shows up: the memories, a life lived (or not), and how certain relationships resonate,” Brolin–who commented recently that he’d like to make a third “Sicario” movie–continued his caption. “I am so grateful for this time and this place to be able to have this time on. […] I didn’t grow old and go off to Italy, I stayed and walked my daughter over a grassy countryside to a commitment — a groom with tears falling down his cheeks — and I melted with it, into it.”

He commented on the nature of life, then, the cyclical birth and death of everything; plants blossoming and wilting, birds, and small animals. Brolin is close to celebrating 10 years of sobriety, and he seems to be at peace. “We fluctuate in a life,” he wrote. “We die and are born again and again and again into a mystery that never gets solved. I am ripped open this morning. My son and my daughters are happy, contented. All the greatest gifts have no form, and sit there waiting to be acknowledged.”

Having read this, if Josh Brolin decides to publish a book of journal entries and poems, I’ll be first in line to buy it, because he truly has such a poetic voice. All I can hope for is someone writes me a letter like that someday. Doesn’t have to be Josh Brolin, but that would be nice.