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‘Yellowstone’ Star Eden Brolin Hangs Out of the Car Window in New Music Video

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Eden Brolin, who plays Mia on Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone,” posted a new music video that shows her hanging out and singing.

In this case, she’s hanging out of a moving car while singing the lyrics to her new song “Lucky.” It’s part of the band’s new EP, “Live & Homely.” Brolin is a part of the band called Atta Boy.

The music video features a split frame of her alongside the other three members of the band playing their instruments. The music video has a really calming and natural feel to it, which partially has to do with the moving trees behind Brolin as well as the pickup truck with a drum set and a guitarist surrounded by vines and trees.

Eden Brolin Music

Brolin has a sweet melodic voice with a higher pitch. Atta Boy is a band from Los Angeles that specifically specializes in releasing indie pop music. According to the band’s official site, their music has been included in different films. That includes their song “Roadblock (Six Weeks)” for the movie “Five Feet Apart.”

The band released their first album, “Out of Sorts,” in 2012 directly following their time as a high school band. The band features Brolin, Freddy Reish, Lewis Pullman, and Dashel Thompson.

After more than eight years separated, the band got together to create their newest album “Big Heart Manners” in 2020. Each song on the album is one-word. It features moving and simplistic songs like “Madly,” “Halfway,” “Corpus,” “and “Night.”

The group has since been working on the newest collection of songs. This includes “Shade,” “Jack and Blow,” “Lucky,” “Walden Pond,” and “Madly.”

Besides releasing music with her three bandmates that are both alluring and original, Eden Brolin has been working on her career as an actress.

Career in Acting

She is starring alongside Kevin Costner as a barrel racer that is close with the different bunkhouse guys. Before that role, she was in the TV drama “Beyond.” Some of her other roles include a 2019 production of “Hamlet,” “Arkansas,” and “I Dream Too Much.”

She is the daughter of Josh Brolin and Alice Adair. Josh Brolin is recognizable (or at least his voice and mannerisms are) as the Marvel villain Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

Besides that he was in “The Goonies,” “Sicario,” “Deadpool 2,” and “American Gangster.”

In an interview with Reel Talker, Brolin talks about growing up in a famous household and the path that led her to act.

“It wasn’t something that I grew up sort of distanced from it. I had more of a curiosity around it that sort of curated this interest in what it was to be a part of making movies and TV. I think that curiosity is sort of sustained today…think curiosity keeps it interesting…I’m enjoying just seeing how the path continues and being able to be useful as people can find me useful,” Eden Brolin said.

She first appears in “Yellowstone” in season 3. She eventually also become Jimmy Hurdstrom’s girlfriend on the show.