‘Yellowstone’s Eden Brolin, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Lewis Pullman Drop New Album With Their Band

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

On Friday (October 21st), Yellowstone star Eden Brolin announced on Instagram her band, Atta Boy, has released a new album called Crab Park. 

CRAB PARK is out now whenever you listen,” the Yellowstone actress declared. “I’m so grateful to have gotten to make another record with these guys. It’s a gif that keeps on giving. Thank you to everyone who has sent such encouragement today, it means the world to us.” 

Eden Brolin is the lead singer of Atta Boy. In 2012, the band’s debut album Out of Sorts was released. Its second album, Big Heart Manners, was released in June 2020. CRAB PARK is the music group’s third album. The other bandmates in the group are Dashel Thompson (piano), Freddy Reish, (guitar) and Lewis Pullman (drums).

Eden Brolin’s Father Josh Recently Shared His Reaction to Her Work on ‘Yellowstone’ 

During a May 2022 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Eden Brolin’s father, Josh, spoke about his daughter’s work on Paramount’s Yellowstone. 

“I mean, look, she did grow up on a ranch, and I grew up on a ranch,” Brolin said about Eden. “She’s so good on that show. I was really blown away by her, and if there’s any rivalry [with his Outer Range series], it’s a fun, self-created rivalry.”

Along with discussing Eden’s role in Yellowstone, Josh Brolin opened up about her wedding earlier this year. “[Eden] just got married last Sunday, and it was an incredible wedding. It was so personal and it was so intimate. And she just sent me a picture, right after they had gotten married, of her and I hoping, which might be my favorite picture ever.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Eden Brolin Spoke About How Her ‘Curiosity’ Helped Her Acting Career

Eden Brolin previously discussed whether or not she always knew she wanted to be an actress. “I was always kind of curious about it,” she explained. “But you can say that about so many generations and so many different industries. It’s one of those things that feels kind of hard to avoid when that’s something you know. And yet, I grew up sort of distanced from it, so I had more of a curiosity around it that sort of curated this interest in what it was to be a part of making movies and TV.”

She then explained that the “curiosity” she was talking about has helped her throughout her acting career. “And I think that curiosity is sort of sustained today. I think curiosity kind of keeps it interesting rather than this need for ‘go, go, go, I want these roles. I want to do this’. I’m kind of enjoying just seeing how the path continues and being able to be useful as people can find me useful. And being able to tell stories.”