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‘Yellowstone’ Star Eden Brolin’s Intense Ranch Pic Has Fans Sounding Off Ahead of Episode 4

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone’s own Mia, Eden Brolin, is muggin’ hard in this Dutton Ranch capture ahead of Season 4’s Episode 4, “Winning or Learning”. As always, be warned of major Yellowstone spoilers ahead.

When last we left the troubled young man, he was being shipped off to Texas with Taylor Sheridan’s Travis. His banishment sets up the premise for Texas-based spinoff series 6666. But with a title like “Winning or Learning” – surely we can expect more from Jimmy Hurdstrom in Episode 4, right?

In Season 3, Jimmy was the recipient of Rip’s famous line that begins “You’re either winning or learning.” Adding more fuel to this speculative fire is actor Eden Brolin‘s stirring snapshot below.

Brolin uploads the Yellowstone shot Sunday just hours before Episode 4 is to air. And we hate to say it, but there’s not much left for her Mia to do in the show except miss Jimmy. Her barrel racer (alongside Hassie Harrison’s Laramie) hasn’t been given much character development outside Hurdstrom. She has been, more or less, a plot device for driving his story forward.

And judging by Mia’s scowl in this excellent shot, she’s not too happy with how things are proceeding sans-Jimmy, either. Jefferson White’s convict-turned-cowboy has been a big part of Yellowstone since the pilot episode. So it doesn’t make much sense for him to disappear from Season 4 a few episodes in simply to set up a spinoff that won’t air for a good while. This, combined with Episode 4’s title, then, surely points to Season 4 taking us to Texas ahead of 6666‘s premiere with Travis and Jimmy.

Where this leaves Mia, however, well… We’ll just have to watch tonight’s episode.

Fans Are Praising Eden Brolin’s Work in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 So Far

This is no big ask, either, as Yellowstone Season 4 has proven every bit the smash hit Outsider expected it to be. The season has already smashed several viewership records, and Mia’s role so far has been integral. So far as Jimmy is concerned, that is.

Laramie’s Hassie Harrison is a fan, too. Brolin’s co-star left several fire emojis as a comment on her Instagram post. From there, fans are rolling in the support, too.

“Great photo of you . Hope Jimmy and you get back together. Looking forward to tonights show.. Thank you for sharing. Happy Sunday,” replies Yellowstone fan Dalana.

“Fantastic actress and awesome show . Keep on doing a great job,” echoes follower Jathan. “Killing it on this show. Kudos,” adds fan Ethan, with fellow fan Toki saying “Hope you stick with jimmy.”

While fans may be in camp Jimmy & Mia, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton definitely proved he was not this past episode. Here’s to hoping Jimmy can finally “make a man out of himself” down in Texas come the remainder of Yellowstone Season 4.