‘Yellowstone’ Star Ethan Lee Is Having More Than a ‘Lil Afternoon Fun’ with a ‘Good Minded’ Colt

by Courtney Blackann

You may not be familiar with Ethan Lee. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t putting in the work on set of “Yellowstone.” It sort of happened by accident. But the cowboy-turned-actor has now become a regular in the bunkhouse. Going by his real first name, Lee plays Ethan – a ranch hand on the Dutton estate. And he’s here to show us all that even when the cameras aren’t rolling, he’s a sensation on horseback.

With a new photo on Instagram, the “Yellowstone” actor is sharing some of his expertise with a colt. He’s having a fun time as any cowboy would messing around with some horses ahead of the weekend. And when you see the photo, don’t freak out – his horse is fine. Lee is a tried and true rider – and he knows the rodeo better than most.

“A lil afternoon fun with a good minded colt…,” Lee captions his photo. In it, he’s sitting atop his horse who is down on the ground. It may look daunting to some – but the experienced cowboy knows exactly what he’s doing.

Ethan Lee’s Journey to “Yellowstone”

When he got his start on “Yellowstone,” the actor was hesitant. He didn’t want to be away from his family and initially turned down the gig. But with some convincing from Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator, Lee changed his mind.

“I even told my wife I kind of regret turning that down. Sounded like such a good deal and something that may be fun, something that may go seasons,” Lee says per WWLTV. “So, you’re thinking I might have turned something down that could be great, potentially.”

Luckily, they did call back – and this time Lee accepted. When he began working with the actors, Lee’s job was just to make everyone feel more comfortable around horses and help lead Sheridan’s cowboy camp. But then he got to do a stunt for Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan.

“They pick me up and they throw me over the bar, and I hit the back wall. Coming down, my foot hit one of the beer taps, and so I’m down on the floor and this guy jumps over and is beating the heck out of me, and just beer is running all in my face. And it was just super cool because hey that could have actually happened,” Lee said.

An Interaction with Kevin Costner

Following this event, Sheridan wrote Ethan into some scenes as a ranch hand. And it was when he ad-libbed a line that producers wanted to keep him around. He’s been on the show for four seasons now.

And while Lee has worked on films like “Free State of Jones’ alongside Matthew McConaughey, he’s not super experienced in the world of show business. The Louisiana state native even once talked about fishing with Kevin Costner for the first time and being quite nervous.

“The first time he asked me to go fly fishing with him, I was kind of thinking, ‘What am I going to talk to Kevin Costner about?” Lee said. “I was a little uncomfortable, I’ll be honest. So when I was getting ready for this trip, I was like, man… almost to the point of not wanting to go anymore. But then I just said to myself, “He puts his pants on one leg at a time like I do” and I thought to myself the one thing I am not going to talk about is movie work.”

And so Lee has settled in quite nicely in the “Yellowstone” franchise world. And he’s as happy as can be that he gets to go to work and do something he loves daily.