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‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Drops Horseback Carter Frame From Season 4 Finale

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Finn Little definitely had a banner season on Yellowstone by playing Carter. In fact, he shared a photo from Season 4 with his fans.

Little took to Instagram and put up this post on Monday. In case you did not see his work at all, then let us just say that Carter was involved in storylines where Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and even John Dutton were working with him.

What does this post look like and what are fans saying about it? OK, so let’s see this offering from the young actor that definitely made his mark on Yellowstone this past season.

Fans are writing comments like these: “Can’t wait for next season. Keep up the good work Finn” and “Hey kid… how ya doing?”

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And one more from the Yellowstone faithful: “Amazing actor! You make me remember when my boys were your age and how they tried me… boy did they! Lol”.

If you see the snap above, then you see Little riding a horse. One episode from Season 4 features John, played by Kevin Costner, showing the young kid how to ride a horse.

Let’s stop on Rip for a minute. Carter comes into his life through Beth, played by Kelly Reilly. She meets the young man at a local hospital in Season 4, Episode 1, after John is taken there.

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Beth felt sorry for Carter so she brought the young boy home. And the season definitely had some touching, interesting scenes with Finn Little. It appears, too, that Yellowstone will have room for the Carter character to continue being a part of storylines.

Earlier in January 2022, Little took to Instagram and reflected on his experience. In the post is a snap from the set and this caption along with it, too.

He writes: “THANKS EVERYONE for all the support you have shown ‘Carter’ over the last 10 weeks. It has been a ride! …. trying to smoke, hospitals, black eyes, rides in the back of the sheriff’s car, car rides with Beth, truck rides with Rip, hamburger/tuna helper, giving Rip the bird roadside, horseshit, shopping trips – that turned to shit, sleeping in the barn, learning about horses, learning to rope, saying sorry, new clothes, dinner in the lodge, latin lessons 😜🤣cake with steak, more horseshit, learning to ride with John Dutton (sir, I mean Sir) and playing poker with the crazy Bunkhouse Boys and ‘Peter’ (I mean Teeter!) ❤️You’ll LOVE the season 4 finale! Buckle Up! Thanks again!”