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‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Shows Off Makeshift Snowman He Made On Set

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Hanna Lassen/WireImage)

For being only 15-years-old, “Yellowstone” star Finn Little has made quite an impression on the cast and fans of the show. And though he shows an immense level of maturity when it comes to his craft, at heart, he’s still a kid.

So, in between takes while filming in November 2020, Little apparently enjoyed the Montana snow. Per his Instagram posts, this is apparently the first snow Little’s ever experienced. He was born in Brisbane, Australia, which has high temperatures almost year-round. Few opportunities to sled or make snowmen there.

But that’s exactly what Little did in between takes for “Yellowstone” filming. He posted a throwback pic earlier today, showing off a snowman he made last year at Chief Joseph Ranch.

“Hurriedly made between setups… think it’s cool… just needs a nice black shirt. #YellowstoneTV,” Little captioned his pic.

We gotta appreciate the reference to the nice black shirt. During “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 3, Little’s character Carter got in trouble with Beth Dutton over a nice black shirt. Beth wanted to take Carter shopping for new clothes, specifically jeans and cowboy boots.

But he insisted that all he wanted was this black cowboy shirt, and he wouldn’t hear about anything else. Carter and Beth fought, verbally and physically, until she left the store without buying him anything.

That scene has come to haunt Carter, especially when Rip told Beth that he’d take care of bringing the “man” out of him. During this past week’s episode, Rip tried multiple times to talk to Carter and have it out with him. But too many distractions got in the way of Rip really laying into him.

What Lesson Did Rip End Up Giving Carter on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 4?

Before he gets interrupted by the bunkhouse fight between Lloyd and Walker, Rip starts to tell Carter what a “mess” he made of his “last-second chance.”

“Life is a lesson, boy. One long lesson. But you gotta look to learn them. And you ain’t f—–g looking,” Rip tells him.

It’s a good start to what’s clearly meant to be a wise but intimidating speech. Life is full of lessons all around us, and it’s our job to take note when we see them. Maybe this whole time Carter has been operating with his blinders on, and Rip’s just calling him out on it.

By the time Rip’s finished breaking up the fight between Lloyd and Walker, he’s calmed down a bit. He goes back to finish his talk with Carter and gives him the bare-bones facts.

“You have no future — none– beyond this place,” Rip tells him. “And if you don’t find a way to get her trust back, you’re not gonna have this either.’

He says that Carter will otherwise end up like his dad, who died from substance abuse. And then Rip opens up with his “two roads in life” advice.

“One is you’re winning or learning. And the other’s that you’re losing all the way to the f—-g grave,” Rip says.

Which path will Carter choose? Will we finally see his growth over the next few episodes? Stay tuned to find out, Outsiders.