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‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Teases Carter ‘Learning’ Big Lesson in Episode 4

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Despite only appearing in three episodes so far, Finn Little is quickly becoming a favorite of “Yellowstone” fans.

Little is one of the youngest members of the outstanding “Yellowstone” cast. At 15-years-old, Finn and Tate Dutton actor Breken Merrill, who is 13, are the least seasoned actors. Little has made a big first impression on “Yellowstone” fans, playing the recently orphaned Carter.

The youngster is trying to make a home for himself at the Yellowstone Ranch but it isn’t going to be easy. We have already seen Carter’s mischievous nature land him in big trouble with Beth Dutton. If there is one person on “Yellowstone” that you don’t want to tick off — it is Beth Dutton. Now, it appears that Beth’s future husband, Rip Wheeler, will be taking charge of making Carter a man. Good luck with that Carter.

One way that Finn Little has endeared himself to “Yellowstone” fans is with his social media activity. Ever since joining the cast earlier this year, Little has been quite active on social media. He even launched a countdown to Carter’s arrival on the ranch a few weeks before the season four premiere. In his most recent post, Little suggests that Carter may learn a big lesson in tonight’s episode.

“Learning to shut his mouth,” Little says in the Twitter post.

With Rip Wheeler now in charge of his upbringing, shutting his mouth will be a valuable lesson for Carter. We can only imagine just how Rip plans on teaching Carter how to keep his mouth shut. We are certainly excited to see this scenario play out tonight (Sunday) with the fourth episode of Yellowstone’s fourth season.

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Finn Little Excels as Carter

It’s been a bumpy start for Carter as he tries to find his way around the “Yellowstone” Ranch. It’s also been a bumpy ride for Rip and Beth as they try their hand at parenting.

After meeting Carter outside of a hospital, Beth bonds with the boy after hearing him say goodbye to his dying father. Realizing Carter shares similar traits to that of Rip, Beth invites him into her and Rip’s home.

Rip isn’t up for this challenge at first and immediately kicks Carter out of their house. But, after realizing his fiancée has developed a bond with the boy, he changes his mind.

In the last “Yellowstone” episode we see Carter test his limits with Beth while on a shopping trip. It doesn’t go as he expects and it appears that Beth is all but ready to give up on the young man. In a total reversal of a previous episode, it is Rip that convinces Beth to keep Carter around.

They are an unusual little family, but it seems they are intent on figuring it out. This is a storyline that “Yellowstone” fans can’t wait to see play out.