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‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Wishes Kevin Costner Happy Birthday With Set Photo

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

“Yellowstone” star Finn Little gave a shoutout to his co-star Kevin Costner, who turns 67 today on Jan. 18, 2022.

Little and Costner spent a fair amount of time together on set for “Yellowstone” Season 4. The new season introduced Little’s character, Carter, who reminds everyone on the ranch of a young Rip Wheeler. Just like Rip, Carter gets a chance to prove himself by working with the horses and cowboys. Costner’s John Dutton specifically takes an interest in Carter’s work at times.

In one episode, John takes Carter out and teaches him how to ride a horse. After the ride, they sit on this gorgeous hilltop talking about life. Little posted a behind-the-scenes photo from that scene to celebrate the veteran actor’s birthday.

“Wishing Kevin Costner a wonderful birthday today. Hope there is loads of chocolate cake! Thank you for being so lovely to work with,” the new “Yellowstone” star captioned his Instagram post. Apparently, Costner is a chocolate over vanilla kind of guy.

The official “Yellowstone” Instagram account also gave a shoutout to the show’s lead. They posted a serious black and white portrait of Costner as John Dutton. The show captioned the post, “Happy birthday to the boss!”

Several other “Yellowstone” co-stars chimed in with birthday wishes in the comments. Jen Landon, who plays Teeter on the show, just commented with heart-eye emojis. Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy Hurdtrom, mimicked the caption by writing, “Happy birthday boss!!” In this case, boss literally makes sense for White.

Costner, being the straightforward guy that he is, simply responded, “Thanks guys.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Address Lose End in Garrett Randall Storyline

Throughout “Yellowstone” Season 4, fans learned quite a bit about Garrett Randall, Jamie Dutton’s biological father. Specifically, we learned that he and John Dutton have a feud that goes back to the day that a judge sentenced Garrett to life in prison. He only served for 30 years, but Garett’ll never forget that John didn’t stick up for him in the courtroom.

During the new season, we learned that Garrett in fact ordered the attacks on the Duttons that resulted in John and Kayce getting shot and Beth’s office getting blown up. Everyone was convinced that Market Equities was behind it since they had the resources for such an attack.

But when Garrett revealed he ordered the hit, some fans were confused. They discussed a small plot hole in a recent Reddit thread: “How did Jamie’s real father [pay] for attacks on the Dutton family?”

Some wondered if he had more ties in the criminal underworld than we knew. Others think we’ll never find out for sure, now that Garrett’s dead. But let’s not forget that Garrett spent 10 years out of prison before he and Jamie reconnected. Maybe he’s been saving money and planning this for longer than we think. And Jamie reentering Garrett’s life gave him the catalyst to get the ball rolling.