‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Posts Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Photo: ‘Mo, Lloyd and Rainwater’

by Jon D. B.

‘Yellowstone’ fans can never have enough Forrie J. Smith in their lives – and that 100% includes us die-hards at Outsider. The Lloyd Pierce actor’s latest is a behind-the-scenes shot fans won’t want to miss, too.

These three gentlemen are equally superb across the board. “Mo, Lloyd( Forrie J.) and Rainwater,” Smith captions his photo, naming their characters in order. Sound a bit ‘Three Stooges’ to anyone else? We’d never call any of them such a thing to their faces, though.

Each brings a remarkable presence and authenticity to ‘Yellowstone.’ And it is safe to say that the show would be far lesser without each of these actors. All three have made their roles instantly iconic in the Western pantheon.

Forrie’s Friday share shows the three actors all smiles off set together in front of a trailer. They are: Mo’s brilliant, stoic Moses J. Brings Plenty, Lloyd’s fantastic, charming Forrie J. Smith, and Thomas Rainwater’s steely, powerful Gil Birmingham.

Smith often shares behind-the-scenes snapshots from ‘Yellowstone’ on his official Instagram. So if you’re not following the actor and real-life cowboy yet, you can do so here.

‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith: An American Treasure

We write a lot about Mr. Smith here on Outsider. In fact, we’ve even written up an extensive Everything to Know About ‘Lloyd’ Actor Forrie J. Smith – and for good reason! Alongside making Lloyd an instant fan favorite, the actor is the beating heart of ‘Yellowstone’s authenticity. Forrie J. has been in the American West his entire life. In his own words, he “became a cowboy as soon as he could walk.”

In cable’s #1 drama, Smith takes the responsibilities of the oft-glamorized life of an American cowboy as seriously as we all should.

“My granddad was whining and about the cow prices and how he wasn’t going to make any money, and I would ask, ‘Granddad, why are we doing it?’ He looked at me said, ‘Son, we’re helping feed our country. We’re helping feed America. We’re Americans,” Smith told RodeoNews in 2019.

“I went to grade school at Montana City – there were 13 kids in 8 grades. I fed cows with a team and sleigh when it was 50 below and it was 106 in August when I was setting posts,” the Lloyd actor revealed of his Montana childhood.

As a boy, he up going to the local rodeo with his parents. By the time he was 8, he was competing himself.

“I started working the labor list when I was eight under guys like Sonny Linger, Reg Kesler, and the Big Bend Rodeo Company. I’ve been on 17 horses in one day and 11 head of bulls in one day. Everything good in my life was because of rodeo.”

Congruently, both Mo Brings Plenty and Gil Birmingham play a remarkable role in bringing the truths and struggles of Native Americans to audiences through ‘Yellowstone.’ As such, some of the absolute best storylines and dialogue have been given to their characters, alongside Smith’s fan favorite, Lloyd Pierce.

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