‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Captures ‘Splendid Orange Burst’ Sunset Pic

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Not only does actor Forrie J. Smith play a cowboy on television, but the “Yellowstone” star also is a cowboy in real life.

One of the most loved stars on “Yellowstone,” Forrie J. Smith brings a level of authenticity to the show that others simply do not have. Smith has lived the life of a cowboy and cattle rancher and it really shows up every time he hits the screen. He plays senior “Yellowstone” bunkhouse statesman Lloyd to near perfection, making him a favorite among the show’s fans.

Smith grew up on a cattle ranch and was exposed to the cowboy way of life at a very young age. He also grew up participating in rodeo events and did quite well for himself. Some of the memorabilia you see on the show is Smith’s actual collection of rodeo prizes. Fans of the show would not like to imagine “Yellowstone” without Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd.

Being a cowboy at heart, Forrie J. Smith has a true love of nature and the great outdoors. In his most recent social media post, Smith shares a photo of a beautiful sunset. As are most of his social media offerings, the sunset photo was a big hit among “Yellowstone” fans.

“I caught this splendid orange burst right before it faded!” he captions the post. “Enjoy your evening all!”

“Yellowstone” fans were grateful to Smith for sharing the beautiful photo thanking him with comments.

“So beautiful!” a social media user and “Yellowstone” fan say. “We love our New Mexico sunsets. I just turned on the Christmas lights. Thank you for sharing with us!”

‘Yellowstone’ Preparing For a Big Close to Season Four

It doesn’t seem possible but there are only three more episodes of “Yellowstone” season four left.

Forrie J. Smith’s character, Lloyd, has not had a pleasant season so far. “Yellowstone” fans are hoping for a brighter ending for Lloyd and the bunkhouse crew.

Lloyd is wrapped up in an escalating feud with fellow ranch hand Walker that started last season. The two are beefing over buckle bunny Laramie who started off with Lloyd before turning to Walker. With his pride hurt, Lloyd started a fight with Walker before being pummeled by Rip Wheeler for breaking the rules. Things really got messy when Lloyd smashed Walker’s guitar and stabbed him in the chest.

He apologized the best way he knew how in the latest episode, purchasing Walker a new guitar. Is the feud now over? It very well could be but don’t be surprised if the two ranch hands have a heated moment or two.

Our next “Yellowstone” dose is just a day away with a brand new episode set for tomorrow (Sunday) night.