‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Confirms the Season 5 ‘Rumors Are True’

by Thad Mitchell

It is a happy day for fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” with one of its biggest stars declaring season five is a go.

Forrie J. Smith, who “Yellowstone” fans know as senior Ranch Hand Lloyd Pearce, recently shared an update via social media. Smith, who has been with the series since the very beginning, says the “rumors are true” about the return of the hit show. Much like the show’s robust fanbase, Smith’s excitement for the upcoming fifth season is obvious.

“The rumors are true!” he says proudly in the Instagram post. “Yellowstone season 5 is a go. See you back at the ranch.”

Along with his season five reveal post, Smith includes a beautiful photo of the Montana Mountain range. You can also see the Chief Joseph Ranch in the picture, which morphs into the “Yellowstone” during filming season.

A true cowboy and rodeo star at heart, Forrie has turned Lloyd into a favorite among “Yellowstone” fans. While everyone is thrilled that Smith and Lloyd are returning for season five, we hope he has a better go of it in a new season. His fourth season storyline revolved around his feud with fellow ranch worker, Walker. With this issue now resolved, we hope for brighter days ahead for Lloyd when season five begins filming.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Five Could Begin Production Soon

Speaking of filming, we don’t yet know when production for the fifth season will begin but it should be in the coming months. “Yellowstone” star Ian Bohen, who plays ranch hand, Ryan, says filming could begin in just a few months. Bohen also notes that the show’s longevity will be up to creator Taylor Sheridan.

“We are shooting in May, “he says. “I don’t think that’s a secret at all. We are starting Season 5 and I would be completely astounded if we didn’t shoot 6. And I’d say that there’s a fair chance we might shoot a seventh season. It Just depends on whether the creator wants to write another 10 episodes or if his story is finished at the 60th episode or not. So that’s it. And he’s gonna sit down and go, ‘what do I want to do? Do I want to keep doing this or do I want to do something different?”

“Yellowstone” fans are rooting for Sheridan to keep his hit show going for a good while longer. Fans also hope the wait for season five is not a long one. The season four premiere was delayed, leaving us without our favorite show for nearly a year and a half.

No matter how long we must wait for “Yellowstone” season five, we know it will be well worth it.