‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Declares ‘America Is Beautiful’ With Amazing New Mountainscape Shots

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith has become a favorite of fans for his portrayal of the wise Lloyd, the senior statesmen of the bunkhouse crew.

A big reason “Yellowstone” fans love Forrie J. Smith is the authenticity and realness he brings to the Paramount Network series. Before he was an actor, Smith lived the life of a professional cattle rancher. He is a real deal cowboy and it really shows in his performance on the show. Lloyd has the most experience of all the cowboys residing on the “Yellowstone” Ranch. Smith has the most experience away from the set and is very familiar with the western cowboy culture. It shines through every time he appears on screen and fans of the show have really taken to Smith’s character. So much so that fans are already clamoring for Smith and Lloyd to get more air time in the upcoming new season.

The “Yellowstone” star is also quite active on social media and seems to deeply enjoy interacting with fans. He often posts photos of his latest adventures and he spends a good deal of time at rodeos. What more would you expect from a former rancher? In his latest social media post, Smith shares a few pics of the nearby landscape with fans, exclaiming we live in a country that is full of beauty.

“America is beautiful when you get off into it!” the “Yellowstone” star says in the post’s caption.

Spoken like a true Outsider.

Several fans agree with Smith’s assessment of the beauty that is all around us. Among the replies are fans sounding off and thanking him for sharing the wonderful photos. Others say they can’t wait to see him back on the ranch when the fourth season of “Yellowstone” arrives later this year.

“Wow! That is beautiful but is that the train station on ‘Yellowstone?'” a social media user asks.

Smith doesn’t reveal where the photos were taken but a couple of guesses are Utah and Montana. It would make sense that the pics are from Montana as that is where the show takes place.

Forrie J. Smith will return as Lloyd when “Yellowstone” returns on November 8. We are all wondering just what the future holds for Lloyd and the bunkhouse crew. Lloyd is the right-hand man of ranch foreman Rip Wheeler. If Rip seeks out to avenge the attacks on the Dutton family it is a good bet that Lloyd will be right there with him.

There is also an odd love triangle situation developing between Lloyd, Laramie the buckle bunny, and ranch hand Walker. By Lloyd’s side for most of season three, we last see Laramie emerging from Walker’s bed in the finale. “Yellowstone” fans are anxious to see how that situation will play out.