‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Gets Fans Hyped for Season 5 With Epic Rip and Lloyd Post

by Jon D. B.
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd Pierce on Yellowstone. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Reposting from Outsider, the Yellowstone fan favorite and real-life cowboy is heading into Season 5 with his character’s best quote.

We’re big Forrie J. Smith fans here at Outsider, so it’s great to see the feeling’s mutual. The boots behind Lloyd shared a classic post to his own official Instagram today sporting a quote that fans will immediately recognize. It’s not only Lloyd’s best line of the series but one of the best from the entire show, period:

‘You’re either born a willow or born an oak. That’s all there is to it.’

– Lloyd, Yellowstone Season 3

And no, he doesn’t say it to Wes Bentley‘s slippery adopted Dutton. As much as Jamie needed (and continues to need) some talkin’-to’s from Lloyd, Smith’s old timer actually delivers the line to Monica (Kelsey Asbille) in Season 3 in reference to her son, Tate (Brecken Merrill).

The moment isn’t a grandiose one, but more a time of observation for both characters, topped by Lloyd’s reassuring, quietly-spoken line. And this low-key atmosphere serves the quote far better than ham-fisting it into an action scene, etc. Take a look:

Speaking of Jamie, Yellowstone diehard Shirley Valentine replied to the show’s tweeting of this scene with the perfect comparison. Above, she points to Cole Hauser‘s Rip Wheeler as an “Oak” – while denoting Bentley’s Jamie as a surefire “Willow.” Ain’t that the trith.

Willows ebb and flow with the wind; their wispy nature being a hallmark of the tree species. The same can be said of Jamie, who, instead of mastering his own destiny, continues to allow outside forces to determine his fate. Whether those forces are his adoptive father John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) lifelong manipulation and emotional abuse, the masked love of his biological father Garrett Randall (Will Patton), or the blackmailing efforts of his sister, Beth (Kelly Reilly) and mother of his child, Christina (Katherine Cunningham), Jamie always bends to the path others lay out before him.

Rip Wheeler: The Ultimate Oak

And then there’s Rip Wheeler, a stalwart “big fella” as John calls him. He’s the Duttons’ enforcer, sure but as John tells him in Season 4, “You’re the only one who ever does what I ask without asking why.”

Rip is fiercely loyal, but he does not bend to loyalty. Instead, it is his greatest strength. he is unquestionably reliable. Moreover, Rip is the only person in Beth Dutton’s life who does not bend to her will, spite, or whimsies. Instead, he pushes back as hard as an “Oak.”

As always, all of the above has us excited to see more of these characters in Yellowstone Season 5. And the new season premieres this November 13 with a two-episode event, exclusively on Paramount Network.

If you missed the Yellowstone Season 5 trailer, be sure to give it a watch here.