‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Honors Next Generation of Cowboys in Rodeo Pic

by Jon D. B.

The latest update from Yellowstone‘s own Lloyd Pierce, Forrie J. Smith, proves once again that he’s even more cowboy off-screen.

If you’ve been with us here at Outsider for a while, then you know Forrie J. Smith is the real deal. Smith is a true-to-life cowboy, rodeo champion, rancher; you name it. And he has been since he could walk.

But he’s not just in it for himself. “Shaking hands with a Youth Ranch Rodeo contestant at a recent #workingranchcowboyassociation event in Amarillo, Tx,” Smith posts to his official Instagram right before Christmas Eve with a stellar photo of his million-dollar-smile.

So what is the cowboy up to? The Working Ranch Cowboy Association, or The WRCA and WRCA Foundation, exists to support the Working Ranch Cowboy and his family.

At their core, the WRCA’s mission is to provide financial assistance to working ranch cowboys and their family members, per their official website. They pride themselves on “A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out” – their motto – and help working cowboys through injury, sickness, natural disaster, and other tragedies.

And just like the WRCA themselves, “You are such an inspiration. Thank you,” replies Yellowstone fan Donna to Forrie J. Smith.

“Thank you for being a mentor and example to our youth and future!” echoes follower Judy. We couldn’t agree more, ladies.

If you’d like to donate to the WRCA and help out America’s working cowboys alongside Smith, you can do so here.

‘Yellowstone’ Continues to Incorporate Smith’s Real Cowboy Culture – For Better or Worse

Through Lloyd, Forrie J. Smith is able to bring his entire life experiences to Yellowstone. One pertinent – and heartbreaking – example of this came in Season 4 when Lloyd and Walker were tossed into the ranch arena to “sort things out.”

In the show’s “Behind the Story” for this episode, Forrie J. Smith, Bingham, and Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser chat up the intense focus on this rivalry. But at it’s heart, this face-off is all about getting things resolved “cowboy style,” which, as Smith reveals, is very much in line with his reality of cowboying. Be warned of major Yellowstone spoilers ahead.

“Before the issue gets out of hand and someone gets killed, the way to handle the issue is to always go into the arena and fight it out,” begins Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser.

“It’s a cowboy thing,” Smith reveals in kind. “It keeps things level.”

“You just gotta get in the ring, you know? A little blood and dust and it damn sure gets sorted out,” Walker’s Ryan Bingham, a fellow real-life rancher, smiles.

“I wasn’t even really seeing Ryan Bingham,” Smith admits. “I was seeing Walker. We’re both professional enough at our jobs that we know that this is Walker and Lloyd… Then we go outside and it’s Forrie and Ryan,” he says of their character’s intense rivalry.

Watch their fascinating interviews here on Outsider, and stick with us for all the latest from the best damn show on television: Yellowstone.