‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Impressed by Bunkhouse Boys Fan Art

by Courtney Blackann

Fans of “Yellowstone” have done some pretty amazing things when it comes to showing their appreciation for the western drama. First, the amount of Rip Wheeler/Beth Dutton Halloween costumes this past year was incredible. We’ve seen clothing lines, hats, you name it, fans are eating it up. Some are even showing their love with some pretty incredible art. In fact, one piece caught the eye of “Yellowstone’s” own Forrie J. Smith.

The longtime wrangler, stuntman, and cowboy shared the drawing on his Instagram. Smith says he came across the piece on a “Yellowstone” fan page and thought it was “pretty great.” The picture shows a dreamlike collage of the Bunkhouse Boys, including Rip, Lloyd, Ryan, Colby, and Jimmy. We also think we see Walker at the very bottom of the drawing, but it’s difficult to tell. However, the photo is pretty realistic when it comes to their features!

But you need to check it out for yourself below:

“I saw this on the #theYellowstoneaddicts page and thought this guy’s artistic work was great!” Smith captioned the picture.

There has to be one very flattered fan out there after that photo was posted! While we don’t know who the mystery artist is, it’s possible we could learn that info in the future. For now, the “Yellowstone” artist will just have to walk around knowing that a legend like Forrie J. Smith complimented their work. That’s some pretty cool stuff.

Jefferson White Compliments Forrie J. Smith on “Yellowstone” Podcast

While Forrie J. Smith was busy complimenting a fan, actor Jefferson White shared his own appreciation for Smith. In speaking with him on his podcast, the “Yellowstone Official Podcast,” White explains that both he as an actor and Jimmy as a character learn so much from Smith and the character he portrays.

“A relationship that, for me, has been incredibly informative and instructional and nourishing is the relationship between Lloyd and Jimmy,” White said. “Because from day one, I, Jeff, have been looking to you, Forrie, for leadership, for mastery, I’ve been asking you questions. You’ve been teaching me how to ride, how to live in Montana, how to survive in the bunkhouse, all of this.”

He also goes on to explain how Jimmy learns from Lloyd.

“I’ve been learning lessons from you since day one of Yellowstone and Jimmy has also been learning lessons from Lloyd since day one of Yellowstone, you know,” White went on. “Lloyd has been in a lot of ways a sort of father figure to Jimmy, he’s always someone who showed him the affection and care that Rip doesn’t and John Dutton doesn’t, no one else does. So will you talk a little bit about Lloyd’s relationship to Jimmy and what that means for Lloyd, specifically? What it means to have that person looking up to him?”