‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Opens Up About Why Fans Relate to Show

by Chris Haney

Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith recently made an appearance at a celebrity event in Texas where he opened up about why he thinks fans relate to the show.

Since Yellowstone debuted in 2018, Smith has been part of the original cast as a member of the bunkhouse at the Dutton Ranch. He portrays the veteran ranch hand Lloyd on the hit Paramount series. He’s second in line to Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), or at least Lloyd was until his recent feud with Walker.

We’re well into Season 4 with only one more episode before the season finale. Smith is part of a stellar cast that has helped Yellowstone climb to the No. 1 series across all of television in 2021. His character is one of the many reasons fans gravitate to the series.

Lloyd is as rugged and authentic as they come on and off the show since he’s a real-life cowboy who grew up on the rodeo circuit. That authenticity is what helps fans feel so connected to the series and is an integral part of what Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan strives to convey in the show.

On Friday night, Smith made an appearance in Fort Worth, Texas at a celebrity cutting horse event. Local station WFAA caught up with the actor where he talked about fans connecting with the series.

“It’s real,” Smith simply explains about Yellowstone‘s authenticity and why fans love the show. “It’s really happening out there. And I think people can relate to the dysfunctional [Dutton] family, there’s a lot of that in the world. Taylor’s built some really great characters, and it’s easy for actors to get into that character the way he’s built them. Everybody does such a good job. I think it’s just a combination of the writing, and the acting has brought people to [the show].”

‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Explains How He Keeps the Show Authentic

Yellowstone is filled with plenty of Hollywood drama that surrounds the Dutton family. Each week, that’s on full display, but creator Taylor Sheridan will go to great lengths to ensure his show is as authentic as can be.

From the Montana setting to the casting of actors with genuine western backgrounds like Forrie J. Smith and others, Sheridan strives to keep things as real as possible. That’s because Sheridan himself grew up on a working ranch in Cranfills Gap, Texas. During his youth, he lived a similar lifestyle to the Duttons and those who work on their ranch. During a recent interview, Sheridan spoke about the importance of Yellowstone’s authenticity.

“I strive for authenticity. I strive to show people the world I grew up in,” Sheridan explained in a clip on Twitter. “The jobs in the American west haven’t changed much in the past century. You still do the job the same way. In order to get food on the table it involves a horse, it involves a rider, and it involves your hands.”

“I just take my actors and put ’em to work,” he added. “So when they perform their character, they’re just doing another form of the job. Anyone who ranches for a living, anyone who cowboys for a living, when they see my work I want them to say, ‘That’s how you do it.’”