‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Poses Next to a Lloyd Portrait Being Sold for Charity

by Joe Rutland

It’s something to behold as the Yellowstone Forrie J. Smith charity portrait of himself is now up for sale. And he’s really loving it.

Smith plays ranch hand Lloyd Pierce on Yellowstone, which is a Western drama. He’s also known as a dude who really lives the cowboy lifestyle. It’s not just an acting job for him.

Well, let’s take a look at what the Yellowstone Forrie J. Smith charity art looks like. Again, it is being sold for charity. Smith shared this image on his Instagram account.

That is one whale of a portrait of the Yellowstone actor indeed. Some fans were also pretty impressed by Katie Von Kral’s work, too.

‘Yellowstone’ Forrie J. Smith Charity Portrait Draws Sweet Words

One writes: “I want one of those in my shop”. Another one notices Smith’s belt buckle and says: “Nice buckle! It looks familiar.”

Then, this fan puts their feelings to the point: “That’s awesome!” Any fan of Smith’s work on the show probably feels the same way when looking at the Yellowstone Forrie J. Smith charity portrait.

And if you are wondering about Smith being on Yellowstone in Season 5? Well, Lloyd has to be there. Right now, though, the focus is on the Yellowstone Forrie J. Smith charity portrait. He’s one of the most trusted people in the inner circle of John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner.

Keep An Eye Out For A Line of Whiskey In Forrie’s Name and Brand

But storylines galore are still out there for solving. When will they seek closure? There is plenty of time in Season 5. You better believe that when it comes to keeping the Duttons safe, trusty ranch hand Lloyd will be there.

If you are looking for some whiskey, then Forrie J. Smith just might be your man. He has a line of it coming out. Yeah, Lloyd the ranch hand will have a sweet line of a smooth drink. Well, it will be Smith the actor, not the character.

But he has a line from Oak & Eden. Forrie J. Smith is excited about the “cowboy coffee-infused whiskey.” As a part of their Anthro Series of whiskies featuring cowboys and country singers, Smith collaborated with the company to craft the perfect bourbon for whiskey lovers everywhere. This was in a photo that he shared on his Instagram account making the announcement.

“Shooting for the stars….hoping to sell 10K bottles this year of my Oak and Eden cowboy coffee infused whiskey!! I am donating $5. a bottle to the #childrensshiner hospital! We can do this! Thank you!!” Smith writes beside a photo of himself holding the bottles.