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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Posts Epic Photo in Honor of President’s Day Marathon

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

One of our favorite ranch hands on Yellowstone is Lloyd Pierce. Forrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd, shared a pic for the show’s marathon.

So, Yellowstone has been airing all four seasons of its episodes on the Paramount Network. Since it was President’s Day and a lot of people have the day off from work, it makes sense to give them some shows to watch. Imagine getting a chance to see John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, from the very beginning through the Season 4 season finale.

Oh yeah, you will get a chance to see Lloyd get into a couple of scrapes as well. Plus, heck, he even finds himself in the middle of that Beth-Rip wedding, too. Let’s see what Smith shared on Instagram on Monday.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Will Be One of Many Cast Members Coming Back for Season 56

That’s a pretty cool photo of Lloyd going to protect the Duttons. Season 4 opened up with the aftermath of the Duttons getting hit with bullets and explosives. No one was spared from the hit job, but our man Lloyd was going to do his best in that episode.

Hey, we did mention Season 4 right here. But the show will be coming back for Season 5 and, yes, Lloyd will be back as well. We could not imagine having Yellowstone without one of the show’s stars. And make no mistake, Smith definitely is one of the show’s stars in his role.

Going into the bunkhouse and watching him try to keep his own peace of mind is something to watch. He has to deal with all those young people in there, too.

Co-Star Jefferson White Offers Up His Own Appreciation For Smith

Watching Smith be in scenes with Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom, is a treat. In fact, White shared his own appreciation for Smith. White talked it up with Smith on the Yellowstone Official Podcast a while back. The co-star explains that both he as an actor and Jimmy as a character learn so much from Smith.

“A relationship that, for me, has been incredibly informative and instructional and nourishing is the relationship between Lloyd and Jimmy,” White said. “Because from Day One, I, Jeff, have been looking to you, Forrie, for leadership, for mastery, I’ve been asking you questions. You’ve been teaching me how to ride, how to live in Montana, how to survive in the bunkhouse, all of this.”

He also goes on to explain how Jimmy learns from Lloyd. “I’ve been learning lessons from you since Day One of Yellowstone and Jimmy has also been learning lessons from Lloyd since day one of Yellowstone, you know,” White said.