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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Reveals Major News From His Ranch to Kick Off 2023

by Joe Rutland
forrie j smith photo
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith is definitely in the celebration mood as 2023 opens up with news from his ranch. As you can tell, there’s a new addition to the ranch family. Smith announces with an Instagram photo that a new bull is taking his place on the land. He wrote in the caption, “First calf of 2023…a little bull on my ranch! (Corriente Angus cross ).”

Fans were feeling the love themselves and giving it back to Smith, who plays Lloyd Pierce on the TV show. One fan wrote, “So cute, we had a new cafe 3 weeks ago”. Another fan said, “Congrats!” And this fan said, “Sooo handsome”. We get one more response from this fan who wrote, “Always good to have a lil bull…..” We tend to agree that it’s never a bad thing to have a little bull on your ranch.

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Forrie J. Smith Of ‘Yellowstone’ Talked About How Animals Are Treated On The Set

While we get it that Smith loves his animals on his ranch, what about the treatment of animals on his TV show’s set? That’s one issue that can bring about different opinions. But Smith has his own thoughts about the situation on Yellowstone. In a video that he shared on Instagram, Smith wrote in the caption area, “Not one horse or animal has been harmed or put down on YellowstoneTV! [Series creator] Taylor Sheridan is very conscientious about the animals we use in our scenes!” That’s good news because fans love to see horses and other animals roam around the ranch on the TV show.

Meanwhile, there have been some words passed around about age. So, back in Episode 3 of Season 5, there was a celebration for Lloyd’s birthday. While there was some good-natured ribbing between Colby and Rip, we finally do hear about Lloyd’s age on the show. Rip gives it up that he’s 58 years old. While Smith looks all of his years of age, Smith actually is 62 years old. No, he’s not 58 but he’s not way too old to be on a horse and active on a ranch.

Now, would you believe there was a scene that might have driven fans away from the hit show? It happened during Season 4 and it involved Lloyd and Walker, played by Ryan Bingham. Well, they had been having issues ever since Laramie came between them. Lloyd was sweet on her but that didn’t last and Walker picked it up with her. They ended up in a fight. Rip had to lay down the law with Lloyd because there is no fighting in the bunkhouse.