‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Reveals One Thing You Should Never Do With a Cowboy Hat

by Shelby Scott
Paramount Press Site

Remember when Jimmy got his first official cowboy hat way back in “Yellowstone” season one and the ranch hands all teased him and got rid of his straw hat? And remember when he went to set it down on his bunk, and all the cowboys freaked out? That little cowboy hat superstition comes courtesy of series star Forrie J Smith, naming it the one thing you should never, ever do with a cowboy hat. We got confirmation of the strange superstition from Jimmy Hurdstorm actor Jefferson White during a recent interview. Check it out.

In speaking with Us Weekly, White revealed, “Forrie J Smith also feels religiously that you cannot put a cowboy hat on a bed.”

However, while on set, someone must have slipped up because the Jimmy actor shared, “One time, it happened…we don’t know who put the hat on the bed, but all of a sudden there was a cowboy hat on a bed, and Forrie J. Smith got very upset.”

Apparently, the beloved Lloyd actor “got upset to the point that I [Jefferson White] took responsibility for it, just ’cause I knew he wouldn’t be that mad at me.”

White further explained, “I’m a goofball, so if I make a mistake, he’d forgive me. So I took responsibility for it just to kind of smooth it over.”

Forrie J. Smith Says Cast Will Begin Season 5 Filming in May

Cowboy superstitions aren’t the only secrets Forrie J. Smith has been spilling lately. As “Yellowstone” fans anxiously await more news regarding the hit series’ fifth season, the Lloyd actor shared that the cast is to return to Montana in May to begin filming.

The exciting news came via a personal clip that Forrie J. Smith shared on Instagram. There, he said, “We’re all going back for Season 5 in mid-May, so keep your ‘Yellowstone’ thoughts rollin’. Thank you!”

It’ll definitely be exciting to see what comes next for Forrie J. Smith and the rest of the cast when season five returns later this summer or in the early fall.

Season four was rough for Lloyd, his beef with Walker getting him into a whole mess of trouble not just with John Dutton or the rest of the bunkhouse, but with his best friend, Rip (Cole Hauser). Fortunately, by the season finale, the two men had repaired their friendship, concluding on a positive note with Rip and Beth’s wedding, and Lloyd as the best man.

Although with Jimmy officially headed back to Texas with Emily to the 6666, Lloyd’s next adventure remains a mystery. The veteran cowboy spent as much time mentoring Jimmy as he did working the ranch so what comes next for him is uncertain.

That said, we’ll be sure to post any new updates regarding season five, so be sure to check back here regularly Outsiders.