‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Reveals What Fans Can Expect From Season 5

by Jon D. B.
Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd, Yellowstone. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

We know precious little about Yellowstone Season 5, but Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith says we really have no idea at all what’s coming.

Houston fans got a real treat when Smith and fellow Yellowstone icon Cole Hauser, aka Rip Wheeler, were on hand for a auction benefitting a local animal rescue charity. Amid the ear-blasting auctioneering, KPRC2 Houston was able to chat with Smith on his personal connection to animals, and managed to sneak in a Season 5 inquiry as well.

So what can fans expect from Yellowstone‘s return come November 13? The Lloyd Pierce actor and real life cowboy summed it up in few words: “Surmising… Everybody’s gonna be going, ‘what the hell’?”

For those playing the home game, surmising is akin to assuming, inferring, suspecting, or more aptly: conjecture. And we’re surmising that Smith thinks audiences believe something is true about Yellowstone Season 5 without having evidence to confirm it.

This is par for the course, too. While Season 4 felt predictable in parts, the episodes hit hardest when throwing big curveballs. Kevin Costner‘s John Dutton running for Governor of Montana, for example, took this Outsider by surprise as much as it did John in-universe. And if Smith is on the money, then Season 5 holds even bigger surprises in store.

But it’s not just the Lloyd Pierce actor promising “what the hell” moments to audiences. When Executive Producer David Glasser spoke to TV Insider recently, he, too, had a similar sentiment.

‘Yellowstone’ Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody’

“Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody,” Glasser offered. And that surprise will come in the form of “Where our story starts and what has happened,” he continued.

Season 4 began with the direct aftermath of the Season 3 finale’s horrific assassination attempts on the Duttons. But before we knew it, the show time-jumped months into the future to move the story along. Is Season 5 starting further down the road? Glasser’s comments may imply this. Either that, or we’re surmising again.

The only real evidence we have to go on is the Season 5 teaser released during the summer. “We’re going to show the world who we are, and what we do,” promised John Dutton within.

You won’t want to miss a single moment. Yellowstone season 5 premieres with a special two-hour event Sunday Nov. 13 at 8/7c, only on Paramount Network.


“All will be revealed,” the teaser also promises. There’s a lot more to unpack in this brief trailer, too. Is Beth staring at an urn? Who is Rip gearing up to rip? And is John Dutton the new Governator?

While we wait for answers, you can stream all four previous seasons of Yellowstone on Peacock. Season 5 hits Paramount Network this November 13 (a Sunday) at 8/7c.