‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Says Good Night With Stunning Sunset Pics at the Ranch

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Ken Cedeno/Corbis via Getty Images)

In case you forgot that Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith is a real-life cowboy, he’s given us a reminder with some soothing, sunset photos of his ranch.

To send off another day, Smith posted these stunning pictures on Instagram, bidding his followers, “Good nite all,” and adding a few relevant hashtags like “#godsowncountry” and “#peace.”

In the photos, the Yellowstone star focused on the pens where his horses grazed. Behind them, a few bare trees reached out to a golden sky ablaze with a range of pastel colors. And, of course, off in the distance was a horizon made from mountaintops. The scene looks like something from Yellowstone which only demonstrates just how fitting Smith’s role as Lloyd truly is for him.

Check out the postcard-worthy shots below.

Of course, as fans of Smith know, his real-life relation to Yellowstone doesn’t just end with his ranch. Decades prior to his start on the series, Smith was a successful and widely-known rodeo man that came alive as soon as he and his steed shot out of the gate and into the ring. Now, as a series star, he brings that experience to his character. As a result, he’s an essential part of the bunkhouse staff.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Collaborates with Oak & Eden on Whiskey Fit for a Cowboy

After a long day caring for and managing the animals on his ranch, there’s no doubt that Smith likes to polish off the day with a strong and smooth whiskey. That’s probably why he has teamed up with Oak & Eden to create his own “cowboy coffee-infused whiskey.”

Earlier this week, the Yellowstone star announced the new project that also has a charitable side, stating, “Shooting for the stars….hoping to sell 10K bottles this year of my Oak and Eden cowboy coffee infused whiskey!! I am donating $5. a bottle to the #childrensshiner hospital! We can do this! Thank you!! ”

Likewise, Oak & Eden is just as excited about the collaboration. On its website, the company detailed, ““Forrie J Smith is a true cowboy, bold and strong. He is no stranger to a spirit of hard work and gratitude. From his life in the rodeo to his days as a stuntman in Hollywood to his role as Lloyd on the Paramount hit TV show, Yellowstone, Forrie is the embodiment of a character that has stood the test of time. We partnered with Forrie to create a bold cowboy coffee infused whiskey, crafted with barrel strength Oak & Eden bourbon and finished with a cold brew coffee infused American Oak spire.”