‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Sells Bourbon for a Great Cause

by Leanne Stahulak

What’s a better combo than cowboys and whiskey? Maybe adding in “Yellowstone” star Forrie J. Smith to sign some bottles and take photographs.

Smith attended a meet and greet in Bridgeport, Texas, to promote Oak & Eden’s Anthros Bourbon. The company named a bottle after the legendary cowboy and stuntman. And back in September, the “Yellowstone” star announced his intention to donate $5 for every bottle sold towards Shriners Hospital for Children.

And last night, Smith revealed that they’d raised $21,700 for the children’s hospital. He shared a photo on Instagram from the meet and greet, where he held up a big check.

“Wow! I was able to award the Shriner Children’s Hospital a $21,700 check!🎯🎯💯 Last night at an Oak & Eden Greet and Meet in Bridgeport, Tx.!!” Smith wrote in the caption.

“I donated $5 for every Oak and Eden Anthros bourbon sold! Thank you  #oakandeden  #CoffeeInfusedwhiskey  #Anthrosambassador all who have purchased a bottle in the last 6 months and for your generous support🤗🤗❤️. Last night I signed 500 bottles…onward to Vegas!!”

The “Yellowstone” star will attend a convention in Las Vegas later this week. He’ll continue to promote the coffee-infused, bourbon-based whiskey that Oak & Eden modeled after him.

If you haven’t already picked up a bottle of the Yellowstone whiskey to drink while watching the show, this might also be a good option while watching Smith’s character Lloyd on screen.

What Happened With Lloyd on ‘Yellowstone’ Last Night?

Lloyd, played by Forrie J. Smith, got into a heap of trouble on last night’s “Yellowstone” episode. He already got into a fight with Walker last week, causing Rip to beat him up and give him low man’s work to make an example of him.

But this week, Lloyd escalated things when he threw a knife at Walker and struck him in the chest. The whole bunkhouse turned on the old man, cuffing him and taking him to Rip’s so he could mete out justice. But John, who also played a big role in deciding Lloyd’s fate, decided to give him one last chance to live. “Yellowstone” fans all breathed a sigh of relief to hear that Lloyd wouldn’t be taken to the train station — at least not in this episode.

Instead, he and Walker had to beat the crap out of each other until every last bit of animosity drained out of them. All the other ranch hands had to watch too, as the pair went at it for hours. And when they finally had one man standing, Rip had to further make an example out of him.

It broke everyone’s heart to watch Rip beat up his friend, mentor, and best man one more time. And you could tell that it hurt Rip to do it too. Will their friendship ever be repaired? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.