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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Shares Thanks Fans, Show’s Staff: ‘The Best’

by Madison Miller
Photo Courtesy of the Paramount Press Network

“Yellowstone” season four has mostly finished production. Now, fans are eager to get to watch their favorite ranch family and cowboys appear on the TV again.

Forrie J. Smith used his Instagram as a platform to not only thank those eager and devoted fans but to thank everyone else who has worked on the show.

Smith points out all the hardworking crew members and how essential they are to making and producing the show. This includes anyone from the assistant directors to hair and makeup. The star is very adamant that it “takes us all” to create a show like “Yellowstone.”

Working on ‘Yellowstone’

He said that fans should keep watching “so we have a job” during all the stress that COVID-19 has had on people, especially those related to the entertainment business as well.

His final concluding words are really just to say, “I just want to thank you all and I wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Smith plays Lloyd Pearce on the show. Pearce is the “cow boss” on the Paramount Network series and has gone from a guest star to a star on contract.

“I had started in the movie business a year before as a wrangler, my first movie was that remake of Stagecoach with Willie Nelson. Then they needed a guy that could rope a guy off a roof. I was the only one that showed up with a rope long enough to reach him. Then I had to get the dialogue … my name was Harley,” Smith told Rodeo News.

While he started out as a stunt man with his background in rodeo and horses, he eventually took acting lessons and started getting roles.

Smaller, Key Crew Members

So, as Smith thanks his cast and crew, who are some crew members that have essential roles but aren’t necessarily talked about as much?

The series costume designer is Johnetta Boone and Ruth E. Carter. Boone is known for her work in “Greenleaf,” “The Single Moms Club,” and “Steel Magnolias” amongst many others. Carter is known for her work on “Black Panther,” “Dolemite Is My Name” and “Malcom X.”

The casting director of the show, responsible for lassoing in all the “Yellowstone” talent, is John Papsidera. He is also known for his roles working on hit movies like “Dunkirk,” “Inception,” “Memento,” and “The Dark Knight.” He has worked on movies with some top A-list stars. He has won two Primetime Emmy awards as well.

One of the Assistant Directors is Ashley Foster. She is known for “The Host,” “Looper,” and “I Saw the Light.”

The show’s main, executive producers are Kevin Costner, David Glassner, Art Linson, John Linson, and Taylor Sheridan. Between executive producers, co-executive producers, co-producers, or just producers, the show has 20 listed on IMDb.

With a very large cast and crew, it is clear that “Yellowstone” needs all the hands it can get.