‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Snaps Epic Pic With Dallas Cowboys Legend Emmitt Smith

by Tia Bailey
(Image Credit: Paramount Network Press)

Fan-favorite Yellowstone actor / real-life cowboy Forrie J. Smith shared an awesome photo on Instagram. Smith met fellow Cowboy, Emmitt Smith. Dallas Cowboy, that is.

Forrie J. Smith, who portrays Lloyd Pierce in the drama show Yellowstone, shared the photo on Instagram. “So grateful to be with these men and women and (Emmett Smith, Dallas Cowboy, Hall of Famer) Operation Warriors foundation benefit in Dallas at the Omni hotel. What a evening!” he wrote in the caption.

Fans of both of the Smiths freaked out over the photo, commenting on it. One Instagram user wrote: “NOW!! That’s a couple of real COWBOYS.”

The actor really is a real cowboy, too. Just a few days ago, he shared an image of himself riding a horse, noting that it was back in his “days of rodeo life.”

One fan commented: “Saw this shot on FB yesterday….its awesome.” Another wrote: “My new hero.. im 55 want to be a cowboy when i grow up. By 67.”

Also, last month he shared a few more action shots, writing: “More action and fun at the Big Timber Weekly Pro Rodeos on Wed. nights 7pm! Aug. 24, 31st and Sept. 7th. Cheers!”

Smith also shared a photo of the recipient of the Medal of Honor, Matt Williams. He shared a sweet caption with it, writing: “Cole and I standing with Medal of Honor recipient, Matt Williams at the OPERATION WARRIORS FOUNDATION BENEFIT in Dallas at the Omni hotel! Such an honor to be amongst some of America’s finest. THANK YOU ALL for your brave service!”

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Premieres This Fall

The fifth season of the popular drama show returns this November, and fans of the show are ready. Smith shared a little of what viewers can expect from the next season.

“Surmising… Everybody’s gonna be going, ‘what the hell’?” he said of season five.

Audiences know very little of what is coming in the new season. Executive producer David Glasser spoke with TV Insider recently, and gave a little bit of insight into the new season as well.

“Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody — where our story starts and what has happened,” Glasser said.

If you’re wanting to immerse yourself into the Yellowstone world and don’t want to wait until November, consider a trip to Spirit Halloween. The popular costume chain now has costumes from the show.

Yellowstone shared the news on the show’s official Instagram on its stories. They wrote: “Halloween is just around the corner, so we need you to start planning your [‘Yellowstone’] costumes now! And it just got a lot easier thanks to official YS costumes from Spirit Halloween!”

So, get ready for the new season this Halloween — and season five will come just 2 weeks later.