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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Speaks Out on Walker vs. Lloyd Battle Royale

by Leanne Stahulak

Since last week’s episode of “Yellowstone,” fans have been talking nonstop about the fight between Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) and Walker (Ryan Bingham). But now, one of the stars himself has spoken out about the battle royale.

Smith sat down briefly with Brinkwire this week to talk about the behind-the-scenes situation for the fight. Mainly, how he didn’t really want to fight his co-star, Bingham. Instead, the veteran actor and cowboy had to “imagine something else.”

“I really had no anger towards Ryan Bingham. I love the guy, and there were times when I had to imagine him as someone else to be able to put that anger towards him,” Smith explained.

We can’t blame the “Yellowstone” star. Bingham is an incredible actor, singer, and seems like an all-around good guy. But Smith definitely excelled at making his character Lloyd seem pissed to all hell at him.

But was Lloyd in the right for starting this fight with Walker in the first place? After all, it really only ended with Lloyd getting beat down himself by Rip because he broke Rip’s one bunkhouse rule. If you’re going to start fighting people, you gotta fight Rip first. Lloyd knew that, but he still decided that beating Walker’s face in was worth incurring Rip’s wrath.

What Do ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think About the Walker v. Lloyd Battle Royale?

In a recent Reddit thread, some “Yellowstone” fans broke down the true reason why they think Lloyd started the fight with Walker, and whether it was justified. The main issue? The barrel racer girls.

Fans will remember that in “Yellowstone” Season 3, Laramie sashayed straight over to Lloyd out of all the men in the bunkhouse. She never seemed to mind their age difference, and Lloyd didn’t either. But as soon as Walker joined the bunkhouse again, Laramie dropped Lloyd like that. The old ranchhand had to know it wouldn’t last, but it seems he didn’t expect to lose Laramie to a man he really, really dislikes.

That’s not enough of an excuse for one “Yellowstone” fan, though. “Maybe it’s his ego feeling fragile at being jilted for the younger man,” the fan posted. “It probably is but surely he’s bigger than being pissed off about it all.”  

It’s a fair point. Lloyd really seemed to let his emotions get the better of him when he’s usually pretty levelheaded. But one fan appreciated that Walker got what was “coming” for him.

“Did I enjoy Lloyd hitting Walker?” another fan wrote. “Hell yes. He’s had it coming a long time.”

Walker’s made no secret of the fact that he hates working on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Maybe Lloyd got pissed about him stealing his girl, but maybe he also resents the fact that Walker hates the place Lloyd calls home.

He’s been a branded man longer than any of them, and even though Walker’s branded, he doesn’t have the same level of respect for the ranch that Lloyd does. Could that factor into the fight too? Tell us your thoughts, Outsiders.