‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Thanks Fans for Their Support After Finale: ‘What a Season’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star and longtime cowboy Forrie J. Smith thanked fans for supporting the show after last night’s season finale.

Smith took to Instagram to express his gratitude, posting an official “Yellowstone” poster of his character, Lloyd. He captioned the post, “Goodnight all…what a season!! Thank you so much for all the continued support!”

What a season it was indeed. Lloyd saw a bit more center-stage this season than in previous ones, with some fans even wondering if Taylor Sheridan would kill the character off at some points. But Lloyd stayed till the end, for what would turn into an emotional finale episode for the aging ranch hand.

What Did We See From Lloyd on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

In the first episode of “Yellowstone” Season 4, we only saw Lloyd briefly, as he defended the ranch from attackers. This took place in the chaotic first 15 minutes of the season when it picked up right where the explosive Season 3 finale left off.

Episode 2 lays the groundwork for Lloyd’s big arc this season: His conflict with Walker. Lloyd and Walker are both branded men, but Walker hates the ranch and what it stands for. He was supposed to go to the train station but survived. Lloyd resents Walker for living and walking around with the brand when he despises what it means. Also, Walker literally stole Lloyd’s girl, Laramie. So during “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 2, we see Walker starting to push Lloyd’s buttons.

Things only escalate in Episode 3. After Lloyd helps Rip and Kayce take care of the militiamen who attack him, he gets back to seething about Walker. He starts complaining to Rip about him, but Rip nips it in the bud. “You leave your pride right here in the bunkhouse,” Rip tells him.

But in Episode 4, Lloyd makes a bad decision regarding the cattle because Walker questions his authority while Rip is gone. Rip and John berate Lloyd for it, stirring up his anger toward Walker even more. Later on, the two get into a fight in the bunkhouse, causing Rip to come in and enforce his rules about fighting. Lloyd takes a hard beating from Rip.

So throughout Episode 5, Lloyd takes on low man’s work as punishment. He also forms a bond with Carter, the new kid. But the more Lloyd is punished, the angrier he gets at Walker. So during Episode 6, he smashes Walker’s guitar and throws a knife in his chest. Walker lives, but John Dutton comes close to sending Lloyd to the train station. He gives the Yellowstone ranch hand one more chance because of their history.

Lloyd Ends His Feud With Walker

But at the end of the episode, Lloyd and Walker fight until all the bitterness between them bleeds out on the ground. Rip ends up having to beat up Lloyd again, even though they used to be best friends.

Surprisingly, the tactic works. Lloyd heads to a pawn shop and trades an antique rodeo buckle for a new guitar for Walker. At first, fans thought he was going to buy a gun (for himself or Walker, we didn’t know). But he gave the guitar to Walker in Episode 7 and had him play a song for him.

We don’t see Lloyd or the ranch hands in Episode 8. In Episode 9, we only see them at the end of the episode when they’re getting their butts whooped by Carter. And in Episode 10, we see Lloyd break up a fight between Mia and Emily, serve as the best man at Rip and Beth’s wedding, and say goodbye to Jimmy for good. It’s clearly hard for Lloyd to see Jimmy go since he taught the younger man so much about being a cowboy.

Here’s to seeing more of Lloyd and the bunkhouse boys in “Yellowstone” Season 5.