‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith’s Cowboy Belt Buckle Game Is Absolutely Unmatched in New Photo

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone icon Forrie J. Smith rocks a classic Western belt buckle better than anyone else, and his latest photo proves it once again.

“Hey all, I recycle and YOU CAN TOO!” posts the Yellowstone icon to his official Instagram Wednesday. Sure, that’s not belt-buckle specific. Neither are his hashtags of “#recycle. #recycledplastic. #thankyou.” But check out the photo, cowboys and girls. It’s there – and you can’t miss it!

“Always, #thankyou!” replies Forrie fan Rosie. “Can’t wait for Season 4 of Yellowstone!”

Neither can we, Rosie! The Lloyd Pierce actor‘s many followers want him to know they’re friends of the environment, too. Take Linda B., for example, who comments “I always recycle and have for many years!” on Instagram.

“Have for last 40 years in PNW. Good habit!” echoes Yellowstone fan Leah B., followed by Janie M.’s “I know my family and friends do.”

And as Norah J. says: “Such a good man!” Outsider couldn’t agree more, Norah. Forrie J. Smith is, put simply, the man. So much so, in fact, that his own legacy influenced Yellowstone in a big way.

How Forrie J. Smith’s Rodeo Legacy Influenced Yellowstone – Belt Buckles and All

As a part of their Season 3 behind-the-scenes series, Yellowstone set decorator Carla Curry and her team “focus on the details to make Yellowstone feel as real as possible.”

As Curry tells fans of the show, this is achieved through a close working relationship with the actors as much as it is her own design team. In the featurette, the set decorator first spills the beans on working with Taylor Sheridan on what she describes as “definitely not your average TV set.” But it’s Lloyd Pierce’s Forrie J. Smith, however, that Curry focuses on most. Why’s that, you may ask? Why, because the man’s iconic place in American rodeo history influenced everything she brought to Yellowstone!

“Forrie Smith is an old friend of mine. I’ve known him for thirty years,” she reveals of the actor and rancher. “He’s actually lived that life.”

That he has. And then some. As all Outsiders know, Forrie J. Smith is as true-to-life ‘a cowboy as there ever will be. In fact, Smith has been ranching since he was old enough to walk. Literally! The trade has been in his family for generations, which you can read about in-depth here.

As she reveals, Carla Curry and Forrie have known each other for a good three decades. So when it came time to dress her “favorite set” – the Yellowstone bunkhouse – she knew exactly where to turn.

“When I had to dress [the bunkhouse], I actually sat down with [Forrie J. Smith], and we talked about, you know, just a few of the little details,” she shares of her work on Yellowstone.

“If you look at his bedroom in there, you can see a lot of his personal details that I ended up adding,” Curry continues of Lloyd’s bunkhouse bedroom. “These are all his rodeo pictures!” she points out in an on-set clip. Within, we see a dozen framed photos of the real-life rodeo master at work.

Just another testament to the living legend that is Forrie J. Smith!