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‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham ‘Needs to Talk’ in New Photo

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

“Yellowstone” star Gil Birmingham teased an epic conversation happening on tonight’s episode between Thomas Rainwater and someone.

We’re not 100% sure who it’ll be, since the photo Birmingham posted on Instagram just features him. But we can use some context clues to decipher who he could be talking to.

“We need to talk. #YellowstoneTV #Rainwater #LetsGoToWork #TeamRip #WhoShotJD #JohnDutton,” Birmingham captioned the post. Based on those hashtags, there’s a chance he could be talking to John Dutton during the episode. Either about what John found out about the attacks or the Market Equities deal.

Speaking of Market Equities: That’s my top guess for who Rainwater needs to talk to. If you look at the photo, Rainwater looks to be standing in a corporate office, where a model on the table shows potential buildings and the surrounding Montana landscape. This definitely seems like a scene between Rainwater and someone in Market Equities. If I had to guess, he’s probably talking to Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) again.

Thomas Rainwater and Caroline Warner Previously Met on ‘Yellowstone’

Rainwater and Warner last talked during “Yellowstone” Season 2 Episode 2. Production halted on Market Equities’ construction because of ancient bones and artifacts found on the site where they’re building. Rainwater promised her he could keep the area tied up for a while, so Warner tried to make an offer to him. She promised him an industrialized area catered to rich folks with money to spend (primarily at his and Broken Rock’s casinos).

The offer is appealing to Rainwater in a financial sense. But what about his moral obligations and passions? Rainwater wants to make a difference for his people and his community, and by accepting Market Equities’ offer, he would be abandoning his own convictions.

Could that be the source of the conversation on tonight’s “Yellowstone” episode? Maybe he goes in to tell Warner he’s declining her offer, making an enemy out of her. This could then lead to another Rainwater and John Dutton team up (for enemies, they find themselves on the same side quite a bit).

But, on the other hand, maybe Rainwater does accept Warner’s offer. This could streamline more purchasing of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and fast-track the airport/ski resort construction. Ever since Season 1, Rainwater has promised he would take back the land that people like the Duttons stole from his ancestors. Maybe he’s playing the long game by siding with Market Equities so he can get back at John before turning on the company.

That’s the beauty of “Yellowstone”: We never quite know what our favorite characters will do next. Make sure you tune in to the Paramount Network tonight at 8 p.m. to catch Season 4 Episode 7, titled, “Keep the Wolves Close.”