‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Really Loves This Kevin Costner Classic

by Evan Reier

When Kevin Costner has appeared in as many classic films as he has, it’s no surprise Yellowstone star Gil Birmingham has a favorite.

Don’t we all? From Field of Dreams to Tin Cup, there’s a ton to choose from and very few clunkers in-between. For Costner’s costar Gil Birmingham, the answer may be the actor’s magnum opus.

When asked by Looper about what lessons he may have learned from the John Dutton actor, Birmingham explained there weren’t many to draw on, but he did take the time to open up on his costar.

“Well, like I said, I don’t have that many scenes with him,” Birmingham said. “I’m a big fan of almost all his work. He actually initiated the milestone for present representation [of Native Americans], back with ‘Dances With Wolves.’ He’s one of the first people that did a real depiction, in a respectful way, of Native Americans. So, he’s got a history with that world as well.”

Dances with Wolves is arguably the film that solidified Costner as a bonafide star. Of course, the film famously won Best Picture. But as Birmingham points out, it was important in its portrayal of Native Americans in a respectful light.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Goes Deep on Season 4

In the interview, Birmingham was also asked about what comes next. Specifically, what he can tell the world about Yellowstone season 4.

To start, he addressed what challenges his character Thomas Rainwater will be facing. While all eyes are on the Duttons and their fate, he explains Rainwater has his own obstacles.

“Thomas Rainwater will be challenged with some gray areas,” Birmingham said. “In terms of a moral decision that has to be made, and in trying to stay focused on finding alliances that can help him achieve his goal of acquiring the land back. We also get to dig into some cultural ceremony of healing, that I hope the public will enjoy and get informed by.”

And as for where his Yellowstone character goes next, Birmingham keeps it fairly coy.

“I don’t think anybody really stays the same,” Birmingham said. “I mean, we always have new challenges to meet, and you’ve got to make the decisions about what direction you want to go. As a leader, what direction does he wants to go to preserve his people? But, yeah, everybody’s changing with new challenges.”

So maybe not the most amount of detail, but its clear that Rainwater is going through a personal process right now. Will he assist the Duttons in their time of need? Or take the opportunity that is being provided to him?

Either way, season 4 of Yellowstone should provide plenty of answers.