‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Says Kayce’s Healing Ceremony Could Be a ‘Pivotal Point’

by Courtney Blackann

“Yellowstone” season four brought many changes to the Dutton family characters. There were new relationships, old rivalries, new rivalries and so much more drama. But the character who arguably grew the most was Kayce Dutton. And that’s due in large part to his journey to find himself through a vision quest. And actor Gil Birmingham says the spiritual experience could be a major turning point in Kayce’s life.

Before getting to his comments though, let’s examine what Kayce saw in his spirit journey. Kayce notably suffered a great deal during his vision. He remembered the past when he served in the military. He saw a snowy field of death and tragedy as he trudged through the trees. The “Yellowstone” character also saw his brother Lee, who died in season one. It’s there he feels grief and guilt for his brother’s death.

Further, Kayce sees his wolf – the one that’s been visiting him throughout the season. It leads him to a hill where the wolf takes human form. The being then explains that Kayce has a potential path and he needs to choose wisely.

In this moment Kayce sees something that’s very troubling. We don’t find out until the end of the episode that the troubling image was that of Kayce’s and Monica’s end. And Monica has just announced her second pregnancy.

And speaking with Jefferson White for the Yellowstone Official Podcast, Gil Birmingham aka Thomas Rainwater speaks about the event as well.

Birmingham says that he believes that Kayce’s journey is an interesting direction to take because it’s incorporating a member of the Dutton family into native rituals. He believes that Kayce’s spiritual journey is sort of a symbol of change to maybe everyone – and that we’ll see what direction it’s going to take. But he also believes that whatever Kayce’s transformation brings, it’ll mean something “pivotal” for the whole plot.

Gil Birmingham of “Yellowstone” Loves Showcasing Heritage on Show

Further, incorporating more culture into life on the reservation for “Yellowstone’s” fourth season is something Birmingham praised Taylor Sheridan for. He speaks about his character and being proud to play a Native American and bring that representation to the show.

“I love it, personally,” he proclaims. “One of the highlights is to have a prominent Native American character in a contemporary piece that’s empowered and not playing a victimization portrayal, you know?”

And while Birmingham has worked with Sheridan before, the “Yellowstone” actor says he especially enjoys working with Kevin Costner.

“I love working with Kevin Costner,” he says. “The few scenes that I’ve had … I haven’t had that many scenes with Kevin, but he’s really a lot of fun to work with. He’s a very intense individual. He loves to rehearse. But carrying the lead of a show, where you’re working practically every single day is so exhausting. I just try to give the actors that got that kind of workload the space they need.”