‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Says Thomas Rainwater Will Face New Challenges as Leader in Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

Veteran actor Gil Birmingham is returning to the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” for the upcoming fourth season.

Birmingham plays the always-scheming Thomas Rainwater on “Yellowstone” to perfection. Rainwater is the leader of the Broken Rock Tribe and their land borders that of the Dutton Ranch. In fact, the Broken Rock tribe belive the property that the “Yellowstone” Ranch sits on is rightfully theirs. A proud leader, Rainwater and John Dutton have a rivalry that goes back several years. The tribe chairman expects to play a big role in the upcoming fourth season. We also won’t have to wait long to find out how big of a role as the new season of the show debuts tomorrow Sunday.

In an interview with Looper, Birmingham talks about what “Yellowstone” fans can expect from his character this season. He says Rainwater will face numerous challenges in trying to do what is right by his tribe. It won’t be smooth sailing for Thomas Rainwater, that much is for sure, according to Gil Birmingham.

“Well, Thomas Rainwater will be challenged with some gray areas, in terms of a moral decision that has to be made, and in trying to stay focused on finding alliances that can help him achieve his goal of acquiring the land back,” the actor says. “We also get to dig into some cultural ceremony of healing, that I hope the public will enjoy and get informed by.”

The last part of Birmingham’s statement is interesting because we’ve heard something similar from other “Yellowstone” stars. Monica Dutton actress Kelsey Asbille says that while her son, Tate, struggles she turns to her Native American heritage and culture as a source of healing for and her son.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Gil Birmingham Echoes Sentiments of Others

Later in the interview, Birmingham discusses the path that Rainwater must take to face new challenges.

“I don’t think anybody really stays the same,” he says. “I mean, we always have new challenges to meet, and you’ve got to make the decisions about what direction you want to go. As a leader, what direction does he wants to go to preserve his people? But, yeah, everybody’s changing with new challenges.”

Thomas Rainwater has had one of the most interesting story arcs on “Yellowstone” and that should continue. He was the primary antagonist, along with Dan Jenkins, in the first season. He and his tribe try to claim a herd of cattle after it wanders off the Dutton ranch and into their property.

But, Rainwater and John Dutton form an uneasy alliance in the second season to take on the Beck brothers. Even after the Becks are eliminated, there is certainly a new level of respect among the men. Will that continue into the fourth season?

We will find out tomorrow with the two-episode premiere tomorrow night.