‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Is a Cowgirl in New Snap

by Joe Rutland

Hassie Harrison of “Yellowstone” fame definitely looks like she’s ready to stay as a cowgirl in a new video from her social media account.

Harrison, who plays Laramie on “Yellowstone,” shares a short snap wearing some sweet cowgirl clothing. Take a look at her recent post on Instagram.

Heading into Season 4, which will start airing on the Paramount Network on Nov. 7, Harrison couldn’t wait to share the trailer.

She has a quick scene in there as Harrison’s Laramie is sobbing in a trailer. It’s a really powerful trailer that will keep “Yellowstone” fans hooked until the season opener.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Keeps Busy By Leaning Into Lifestyle While Up In Montana

What was her response? Well, Laramie…well, we mean Harrison…went on Instagram and posted the video. Then, she writes on there, “Y’all ready for season 4 of Yellowstone or what?!? #yellowstonetv”.

Not much of a surprise either as the native Texan from Dallas knows how to say “Y’all” with the best of them.

Oh, Outsiders, don’t think that Hassie Harrison is just all clothes and no grit as a cowgirl. She’s out there working on her barrel racing and loves the cowgirl way.

In a 2020 interview with Review Nation, she said that she’s been riding horses eight hours per day. Harrison said that she has been leaning into the lifestyle, too. Harrison also said that being up there in Montana helped her live the part.

Actress Has Been Spending Time In Montana While Getting Ready For Season 4

She adds, “It just feels authentic inside of you.”

Well, Outsiders can watch “Yellowstone” this upcoming season and see how Harrison has adapted to the cowgirl life during her time in Montana.

Harrison joins Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton, and other cast members on the Taylor Sheridan-created drama. They’ll be back on your TV screens this fall, so set aside time and watch the drama unfold.

Will John survive being shot? How will the Duttons get back at all the people who shot at them or caused explosions?

Harrison Spent Time At Performing Arts College in Los Angeles, Traveled to Copenhagen

Fans want answers to these, and other, questions.

Now if you think Harrison just plopped onto a major TV show without putting in the time to learn her craft, then think again.

As we said, Outsiders, Harrison grew up in Dallas and got hooked on acting in theater.

Her mother was involved with the Dallas Children’s Theatre during Harrison’s childhood.

In an interview with Popculturalist, Harrison recalled taking classes and going to plays while growing up. She also attributes her career choice to a love of films. Those movie stars left an impression on her.