‘Yellowstone TV’ Star Hassie Harrison Says That Filming Show in Montana Helps Her ‘Live the Part’

by Thad Mitchell

One of the many breakout stars of Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” Hassie Harrison is climbing the Hollywood ladder one step at a time.

On “Yellowstone,” Harrison plays Laramie, a “buckle bunny” with an eye for hardworking cowboys and older men. A barrel racer by trade, Laramie can more than hold her own from atop a speeding horse. She is best friends with fellow “buckle bunny” Mia who takes a loving interest in rookie ranch hand, Jimmy. Both girls frequent the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse looking to stir up a little action among the crew of nearly all men. The girls bring a different dynamic to the bunkhouse that is fun to watch for “Yellowstone” fans.

If you are a devoted watcher of “Yellowstone,” you may have noticed how naturally Harrison pulls off her character. With near flawless form, the blonde beauty looks like she was born to race barrels from atop a horse. This is because Harrison has plenty of experience in the world of horse riding and cowboying. In a recent interview, she reveals how her experience in ranch life helps her make Laramie a natural fit.

“I grew up in Texas and I grew up around this cowboy culture,” she says of her ranching experience. “I’ve been riding horses eight hours a day and roping, you know, and leaning into the life. I think being up here in Montana vs. shooting somewhere like Utah and sound stages somewhere else – just helps you live the part. It just feels authentic inside of you.”

It is easy to tell from her “Yellowstone” appearance that Harrison knows her way around a ranch. She pops in every scene that she shows up in as the barrel racing Laramie. Now, “Yellowstone” fans want to know what the new season holds for the blonde bombshell.

Laramie and Mia are “buckle bunnies,” or girls that enjoy the company of cowboys and ranchers. According to senior Yellowstone Ranch Hand Lloyd, buckle bunnies hang around rodeos with the hopes of nabbing the cowboy of their dreams.

Despite being several decades older than she is, Laramie initially takes up Lloyd after hitting up the “Yellowstone” ranch. They are an odd, but totally cute couple, and it is hard to pull your eyes away from them when they’re on screen together. But, we may find ourselves with an interesting love tringle once season four arrives.

To the dismay of many fans, we last see Laramie in season three emerging from ranch hand Walker’s bed. Lloyd looks none too happy about the development but carries on anyway. Walker is already on this ice with many of his fellow “Yellowstone” ranch hands as it is. Stealing away Lloyd’s buckle bunny isn’t likely to win him any popularity points either.

While there is still no official word, “Yellowstone” expects to premier its latest season in the near future.