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‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Says ‘Things Are About to Get Western’ in New Ranch Pic

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

“Yellowstone” fans are as excited as they can be with the series returning tomorrow (Sunday) and Hassie Harrison is right there with us.

Hassie Harrison plays the blonde beauty Laramie on “Yellowstone” and is returning for season four. It is safe to say that Hassie is thrilled that her favorite modern western is almost here. She’s been active on social media since the end of season three, providing some nice teases for fans. Her most recent social media post came on Friday as we entered into the “Yellowstone” weekend. Harrison says things are about to take a turn in the western direction with the Dutton Ranch back open for business. We will likely catch Laramie in the bunkhouse as the new season kicks off tomorrow evening. Until then, enjoy Hassie’s cool social media photo on Instagram.

“Things are about to get western!” the “Yellowstone” star proclaims in the post.

The photo from Hassie shows the shadows of two individuals hanging out and chatting while lounging on a wooden fence. With good-looking cowboy hats atop their heads, the shadow couple looks like there are enjoying a sunny day. Of the post’s thousands of “Likes” is the official “Yellowstone” Instagram page. Several “Yellowstone” fans chime in to say they are looking forward to Hassie and Laramie’s return.

“Looking good,” a fan writes in the comments section. “Excited for the new season of Yellowstone.”

Filming for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” may be complete but there isn’t much free time available for Harrison. She also stars in the hit Comedy Central series “Tacoma FD,” where she plays the only female firefighter in a Tacoma, Washington fire department. The series was just renewed for a fourth season.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Heading Back to the Ranch

What does the “Yellowstone” future have in store for Hassie Harrison and her character, Laramie?

Laramie is what senior ranch hand Lloyd calls a “buckle bunny” when discussing life and love with Jimmy. A buckle bunny, by Lloyd’s definition, is an attractive lady who hangs around rodeos to snag a cowboy.

Laramie and her friend and, fellow buckle bunny Mia, took up residence in the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse last season. Mia has her rope around Jimmy while Laramie takes up with Lloyd, despite him being quite a bit older than her.

Drama ensues inside the bunkhouse once the buckle bunnies make themselves at home. After giving Lloyd a whirl, Laramie is last seen in Walker’s bed, much to Rip Wheeler’s dismay.

What’s next for these buckle bunnies?

Both Laramie and Mia are featured in recently released season four trailers and it appears they will be caught in an attack on “Yellowstone” Ranch. It will be interesting to see if the girls emerge from the conflict unscathed.

We’ll find out Sunday night with two straight of “Yellowstone.”