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‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Says Season 4 Will Include ‘Lots of New Faces and Great Fight Scenes’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Yellowstone shared some behind-the-scenes looks at season 4 on their Instagram stories recently; the clip shows various backlot scenes during filming and a quote from Hassie Harrison, who plays Laramie. Harrison says, “I think fans are going to be really happy with season four. There’s a lot of new faces and some great fight scenes.”

She concludes the clip by saying, “Punches will be thrown this season.” Punches, indeed, and maybe a bit more than punches? Like, say, something explosive and metal that comes from a gun? Just speculating.

Who Is Hassie Harrison?

Hassie Harrison, of course, plays Laramie on Yellowstone; barrel racer and Mia’s best friend, she comes to the bunkhouse in season 3 and shakes everything up.

Additionally, Harrison is no stranger to cowboy culture, having grown up in Texas. She told MEA Worldwide, “Getting to be a part of a modern-day western and bring Taylor Sheridan’s words to life is something larger than I’d even let myself dream.” Of her character, Harrison said, “I’d say Laramie is unpredictable, independent, and does whatever she wants.”

She also shared what it was like watching the show before being a part of it, saying, “When I first saw Yellowstone, I fantasized about working in Montana, riding horses, and staring up at the mountains while having a coffee from John Dutton’s porch, but I figured that would never happen. Then one day, I got that impossible call that made all of us chase this crazy dream in the first place.”

She is best known for playing Lucy McConky on truTV’s Tacoma FD, and Mazie Wales in The Iron Orchard. She was also in the horror film Dementia in 2015, as well as The Astronaut’s Wives Club and the CW show Hart of Dixie. Now she can add Yellowstone to her repertoire.

What’s Next for Yellowstone Season 4

Yellowstone fans are chomping at the bit for season 4, hoping it’s going to be as good as they anticipate. There’s been discussions about what’s going to happen in the aftermath of the attacks on the Duttons, and who could be behind them. Is Beth going to survive the bombing in her office? Will her death fuel Rip’s revenge? Why was Jamie the only Dutton not attacked? Fans have been taking to the Yellowstone Reddit page to pose their theories.

One eagle-eyed fan is throwing it out there that there’s an imposter in the season 4 trailer; “The guy on the left is not Rip,” they claim in a Reddit post comparing two images of Rip. The poster claims, “The beard is too dark, too full, and the edges are way too defined. If you look at his cheek area, the lines from the nose on the “impostor” are different than on who we know for sure is Rip.”

It’s possible there’s an imposter going around getting Rip into trouble, setting him up to take the fall for something. Fans won’t know for sure until November 7 when season 4 premieres. Until then, it’s all speculation and theories.