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‘Yellowstone’ Star Hints at Beth & Rip Breaking Up in Season 4 Finale

by Leanne Stahulak

Say it ain’t so. “Yellowstone” fans would do anything to avoid a breakup between our favorite cowboy couple on the show.

Since Season 1, “Yellowstone” fans have watched Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler grow closer and closer with one another. They always had a dynamic physical relationship, but over the last four seasons, they’ve finally allowed those romantic feelings to develop too.

But did Beth accidentally throw that all away when she asked Walker (Ryan Bingham) to sing a sad song for her?

Beth explained to Walker (and fans) that she needed to cry and could only cry to a sad song. Even Rip might not have been able to provide the space and context she needed to let all her emotions out. But the fact that Walker was the one to comfort her is complicated, considering they were flirty back in Season 1.

“Yellowstone” star Ryan Bingham knows this and teased fans about the aftermath of this scene in a “Behind the Story” featurette.

“I felt like Walker was kind of going in this other direction, and all of a sudden he gets kind of pulled back into that triangle of Beth and Rip,” Bingham explained. “And to be honest, I don’t want to get on Rip’s bad side too often. Things are starting to go pretty good, you know, so I hope he doesn’t get too upset.”

“Yellowstone” fans know that Rip witnessed the scene between Beth and Walker in the barn. He watched them for a moment and then turned and went back in the bunkhouse. But it was hard to read the look on his face. Now, Bingham might’ve just confirmed that Rip’s actually angry about the moment between Beth and Walker.

Could Rip and Beth Break Up in the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Finale?

Based on what “Yellowstone” star Ryan Bingham just said, it sounds like that’s a real possibility. He talks about getting on Rip’s “bad side,” implying that Rip will blame Walker for the emotional moment between him and Beth. Bingham also directly mentions Rip not getting “too upset,” which could mean that Rip definitely does get upset at some point.

We know Rip would love to take Walker to the train station. And we know that he doesn’t want anyone moving in on his girl. But it comes down to if he sees this moment as Beth’s fault or Walker’s. If it’s Beth’s fault, a breakup could be in their future. If it’s Walker’s, then he might see a trip to the train station.

Or, on a positive note, maybe Rip understands why Beth needed to cry with Walker.

“Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, said on the featurette, “It was a difficult moment to shoot. To have that moment with [Walker], she couldn’t share that moment of grief with Rip. It’s almost like she doesn’t want Rip to see that. And for her to truly go there and truly feel, it has to be with someone who’s experienced it and can almost just allow the space for it.”

If Beth explains all that to Rip, maybe they can move forward with their relationship instead of taking a step back. We’ll have to wait until this Sunday to see, Outsiders. Tune in at 8 p.m. EST on the Paramount Network.