‘Yellowstone’ Star Ian Bohen Takes Hilarious Shot at Actors: ‘Help Me Eliminate This Atrocity’

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone actor Ian Bohen would like his fellow actors to cut out what he considers to be an annoying habit.

On the ever-popular Paramount Network series, Bohen plays reserved Yellowstone ranch hand, Ryan. Despite being only a minor character, Bohen’s Ryan is emerging as a fan favorite for his calm demeanor and cowboy know-how. He doesn’t get a ton of air time on the show, but when he does, Bohen makes it count. Ryan uses his quick wit and even temper to win over Yellowstone watchers along with his fellow ranch hands.

While he has had recurring roles in “Mad Men” and “Teen Wolf,” Yellowstone is Bohen’s biggest role to date. On Tuesday, he took to social media in an attempt to urge actors to put their hands down when delivering lines. He makes no bones about the fact that he detests a certain practice that actors often do.

“Actors, when the script requires that you say a number, please do not hold up the corresponding number of fingers as you deliver the line,” he says in the Tuesday tweet. “Help me eliminate this atrocity.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans React to the Tweet

Numerous fans and social media followers responded to Bohen’s tweet with laughter. Others put their own sarcastic remarks in the tweet’s reply space.

Yellowstone fans are eager to see Ian Bohen back on the ranch as Ryan and the season is drawing near. One of Ryan’s top moments came last season as he comes upon a group of bikers taking up residence on Yellowstone Ranch. With only Colby and Teeter backing him up, the trio engages in a fight with the bikers when they refuse to leave. Outnumbered, they are fighting an uphill battle until Rip and Lloyd show up to even the score. The ranch hands overcome the bikers and force them off of Yellowstone ranch property. It is a sharp reminder that Yellowstone ranchers are not to be messed with.

As we grow closer to the season four premiere date, fans are beginning to wonder when showrunners will toss them a bone. To this point, there hasn’t been much released in the way of new information regarding the new season. The lack of a trailer or preview for the new season has left fans begging for scraps of Yellowstone information. The well is dry as online forum sites scrounge up what little info they can about the new season.

Hang in there Yellowstone fans — answers to our burning questions are coming soon.