‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White on Cole Hauser: ‘Such a Force of Nature, Such a Bull’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone‘s own Jimmy, Jefferson White, touches on the “incredible contradiction” and “power” of Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser exclusively for Outsider.

Jimmy may be known as the short straw of the batch on Yellowstone, but Jefferson White couldn’t be more different. He’s an incredibly gifted, generous, and intelligent individual, which his recent interview with Outsider’s Jim Casey showcases.

Casey’s excellent chat with the fan-favorite actor touches on “all the tough guys on set, from Cole Hauser and Forrie J. Smith to Kevin Costner.” It’s an oft-touched topic, as Jim says, and provides the beat of Yellowstone‘s macho-beating heart. “But I want to know whos’ the most likely to give you a hug at the end of the day,” Jim smiles, opening White up like a gleeful faucet.

“You know, they’re all very tough, but they’re also very emotionally intelligent,” White offers. “The difference between these guys and their characters is these guys are hard, badass cowboys… But they’re also actors. Which means they’re great listeners. They’re very empathetic. They’re very kind and generous scene partners.”

The ‘Incredible Contradiction of Cole Hauser as an Actor’

This leads Jefferson White into the “incredible contradiction of Cole Hauser as an actor. He is such a force of nature. He commands such power. He’s such a bull,” the Yellowstone icon emphasizes.

“But he’s also an incredibly acute listener who doesn’t miss anything and picks up everything in the room. He’s always tuned into everybody else in the room,” White continues of hard-as-nails Rip’s Hauser.

“That’s the tremendous gift of an actor like Cole. Or an actor like Luke Grimes or Wes Bentley or Forrie J. Smith,” he says of the Kayce, Jamie, and Lloyd actors, respectively.

Outsider’s Jim Casey sat down with “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White to find out more about Jimmy Hurdstrom’s character development on the show, what goes on behind the scenes, what it’s like working with Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser, and more.


Of his castmates, Jefferson says the Yellowstone crew is “so lucky” to be surrounded by this caliber of empathizers. “Yeah, we’ve got Kevin Costner, the ultimate sort of movie star at the head of our cast. But we’ve also got 5 A-List, brilliant actors right behind him. Who, you know, could and have and will lead their own shows.”

“In the same way that Jimmy is learning from Rip on how to ride and from John, I’m learning how to be an actor,” White says. “I’m learning how to survive as an actor in a strange place from the best in the world. In the same way we’re surrounded by the best horse trainers and cowboys in the world, we’re also surrounded by the best actors in the world.”

And that, Yellowstone fans, may well be the byline for the show’s tremendous success as a whole.

The first season of Official Yellowstone Podcast was recorded at the Wynn Las Vegas state-of-the art recording studio.