‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Describes Extreme Interaction He’s Had With Fans

by Thad Mitchell

Jefferson White, who plays ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom on “Yellowstone,” is very familiar with the show’s massive base of fans.

As we all already know, the “Yellowstone” faithful are a special breed of television watchers. The rabid fan base is 100 percent dedicated to their favorite show and the growing “Yellowstone” universe. No one is more appreciative of this fact the show’s cast and creators. Jefferson White says he’s had numerous encounters with fans of his hit show. To the surprise of no one, White is often referred to as “Jimmy” when out in public. Some watchers even take it a step further, treating poor Jefferson the way Jimmy is often treated on the show. White doesn’t mind and in fact, considers it a compliment to his acting skills. He talks about his interaction with “Yellowstone” fans in a recent podcast appearance.

I get a lot of ‘SHUT THE F*** UP JIMMY’ from across the street,” he says. “I’ll be walking down the street in Texas and just hear ‘SHUT THE F*** UP JIMMY,’ so I give them the thumbs up and keep going.”

This is, of course, a reference to Rip Wheeler’s treatment of Jimmy since joining “Yellowstone” Ranch. Rip can often be heard yelling insults and obscenities in Jimmy’s direction. It is all for show as we’ve also seen that Rip has a soft spot for Jimmy. Jimmy is half Rip’s size but the little guy treats him with respect and submission, looking at him almost like a big brother. It is in an interesting relationship that the two men share and one that makes “Yellowstone” worth watching.

With Jimmy heading down south to work at the Four Sixes Ranch, it will be interesting to see how Rip deals with the absence of his little buddy.

Jefferson White Talks About His ‘Yellowstone’ Journey

“Yellowstone” has turned Jefferson White into a household and favorite among the show’s fans. His character, Jimmy, wants so desperately to fit into the cowboy lifestyle and find acceptance among his peers. Viewers have seen Jimmy grow from a drug addict into a legit cowboy in the span of four seasons. White credits the show’s tremendous cast for its success.

“We’re so blessed to have so many incredible actors on the show,” he says. “Kevin (Costner) is obviously a legend and a genius, but we’re also lucky in that we have five more movie stars at the top of our call sheet. We have such an incredible ensemble cast. I love working with Cole Hauser, I love working with Forrie J. Smith, I love working with Ryan Bingham. I really love working with Eden Brolin, who plays Mia. I really love working with Denim Richards and Ian Bohen, who play Colby and Ryan. This season, Season 4, I really had a tremendous time working with Kat Kelly, who plays Emily. It’s impossible to choose. We’re so lucky to have such a rich and full ensemble cast.”