‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Describes Show as ‘Strange But Incredible’

by Shelby Scott

It’s clear that Taylor Sheridan has a unique style when it comes to envisioning and writing scripts for his series. And that’s not just on “Yellowstone,” but also its prequel, “1883,” starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Isabel May. After airing four successful seasons, Outsiders can all agree with “Yellowstone’s” Jefferson White that the Taylor-Sheridan produced series is “strange but incredible.” Read on to see what the Jimmy Hurdstrom actor has to say regarding his time spent on the hit series.

In speaking with The Gate about his experience on the set of “Yellowstone,” White shared that, “the process of reading the scripts for season four, picking up each new script and finding out what’s next for [Jimmy on ‘Yellowstone’] is an incredible gift.”

That said, reading about himself and his uncertain future during season of “Yellowstone” put Jefferson White in a unique position.

“Taylor’s scripts are like novels,” White explained. “They’re incredibly rich as the reader, so the experience, it’s like reading a book about yourself week to week, finding out what happens to yourself next.”

Overall, he said, “It’s very strange, but an incredible experience.”

Jefferson White Says Filming Separate from ‘Yellowstone’ Cast was ‘Amazing’

Surely, there were times during filming “Yellowstone” season four that Jimmy Hurdstrom’s actor Jefferson White missed his usual crowd. However, in speaking to the experience of filming the Four Sixes storyline in Texas, he shared it was “amazing.”

In the four seasons since Jefferson White joined the “Yellowstone” crowd, we’ve seen his character grow and develop. Throughout that time, he’s worked alongside fan-favorite characters such as Lloyd and Rip.

Although, when filming in Texas began, White said it enabled him to grow closer with fellow costar Kathyrn Kelly. Kelly plays the role of Emily, Jimmy’s love interest, during the latter half of the fourth season.

“Kathryn and I were effectively the only cast in Texas,” Hurdstrom explained. That said, “We were sort of separate from the rest of the cast that stayed in Montana to shoot and so it was amazing for us to have that opportunity to build that world, just us.”

Further, as White and Kelly filmed in Texas, it drew attention to the gap between Jimmy and his ex-girlfriend, Mia.

“Yellowstone” fans remember when Jimmy left in season four to head to the Four Sixes, Mia essentially blew him off. Based on their dialogue, we find she became aggravated that he was letting John Dutton dictate his life. Based on what he tells Mia, Jimmy allows him to do so for several reasons. A) because the ranch owner has given the former thief a steady home, income, and family. And b) because he has grown to respect John Dutton.

That said, while Jimmy chose Emily by the end of the season, we’re holding out hope that things progress well for the “Yellowstone” underdog. In speaking to his character’s development, Jefferson White said, “We all have these moments where we step out into the unknown, we make the difficult decision to step away from familiarity and safety and security…I hope that it goes well for old Jimmy,” he concluded.