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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Imagines What a Teeter Spin-Off Would Look Like

by Jonathan Howard
Paramount Press Center

We just got a new episode of Yellowstone last night and now we have more Stories from the Bunkhouse to give us some fun behind-the-scenes.

Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on the Dutton ranch, joined Ian Bohen and Denim Richards to talk about the show. It was serious, it was funny, and it was just what we needed after taking in that new episode last night.

While the guys sat around the table talking White and the crew started talking about none other than Teeter. The rough and tough woman who does what she damn well pleases and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks is special. She can cook a whole animal, ride horses, and do all that needs to be done on the ranch from her.

Jen Landon’s character is awesome. However, it got the Bunkhouse guys thinking about Teeter having her own show. A Yellowstone spin-off or two that she could excel in.

“I think Teeter could have a cooking show,” White said. “Where she cooks the whole of anything.” For those wondering what the show should be called, well the guys have you covered there, too. Bohen said, “Teeter Time,” and now I can’t get that out of my head.

Any time Teeter does something cool or badass, it’s “Teeter Time,” from now on.

The ideas continued as they suggested she should get her own home renovation show. They then thought up an idea so hilarious it might just work.

“Or like, she gets her own law firm,” White said excitedly. A night court-style show with Teeter would actually be wonderful. The Yellowstone character sure is tough enough for it.

“Now that Jamie is off the ranch a little bit, we need a new brilliant legal mind, it’s Teeter. Teeter esquire.”

Why ‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White is Terrified of Cole Hauser

Among the other topics discussed on the Bunkhouse show, Cole Hauser. The Yellowstone actor is a big man and as fearsome in real life as his character Rip Wheeler. Seriously, scary-looking guy.

“No, I’m terrified of [Cole Hauser]. He’d pick me up by the scruff of my neck, and punt me,” White said with conviction and a little humor in his voice. “I mean Cole’s also like an incredible improviser though, so Cole would roll with it. By which I mean he would roll me into…”

This is coming from an actor who had a bear chase after him as a stunt on Yellowstone. Hauser and his character Wheeler are formidable guys. So, they can set you straight if you need it and often do with Jimmy and others on the Dutton ranch.