‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Opens Up About Jimmy’s Heartbreak

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s classic Stories from the Bunkhouse is back for more Season 4 goodness, and this time it’s all about “Jimmy’s Pain Scale.”

“Over the years and this season most of all, Jimmy’s gotten hurt a lot of times,” begins Jimmy actor Jefferson White. “So I thought maybe we’d just take a second and break down all the times Jimmy’s been broken down.”

Why yes, let’s, Mr. White. What better way to celebrate Jimmy Hurdstrom than through his monumental knack for making terrible decisions? White agrees, as he’s brought a whiteboard to dissect his character’s History of Pain for Yellowstone‘s latest Stories from the Bunkhouse.

“Let’s get methodical,” he tells co-stars Denim Richards (Colby) and Ian Bohen (Ryan), to which the latter replies: “What has hurt Jimmy the most?”

“Okay so we start out with the taser,” White says of his very first scenes on Yellowstone. “We meet Jimmy – Boom – Taser. Fifteen minutes later – Boom – Brand. A little bit after that, Rip kicked me in the butt,” he continues of Jimmy’s introduction. “And that’s about halfway into the first episode of the show so far.”

Yep. Little Jim’s had it rough. “What about bear spray?” Bohen suggests, which fans will remember Jimmy’s reaction to crystal-clear.

In-between that bear spray and the prior tasing and branding, however, White reminds his co-stars that he “fell off about fifteen horses.” And as Stories from the Bunkhouse reminds us through footage, he’s not lying.

‘Yellowstone’ Has Broken Jimmy’s Heart Several Times Over

But Ryan’s Ian Bohen isn’t settling there. “This is my favorite, because it’ll really give us some insight into you,” he says of Jimmy’s next pain. “The pain that a man can only know as… A broken heart… Mia.”

Ah yes, Mia, simultaneously the best and worst thing to ever happen to Jimmy Hurdstrom. Would he have gotten back in the rodeo saddle and broken his word to John Dutton without her pushing him to? Probably. But Jimmy’s long history of terrible decisions would only be exacerbated by his desire to impress Mia and win her love. Pro tip, Jimmy: If you feel you have to “win” a woman’s love, she’s not the one.

“And don’t forget Avery leaving before Mia left,” White laments. “Don’t forget my grandfather being killed,” he continues of Jimmy. “So broken heart, of course. But we’ve also got: broken back, broken pelvis, broken arm…”

“… Weenie,” Bohen interjects. White writes it onto the board without missing a beat, which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Bunkhouse Boys. There’s plenty more from the gents below, too, and we’ve got Yellowstone‘s latest Stories from the Bunkhouse cued up to being right where Jimmy’s House of Pain begins:

No one has mastered brooding by the fire better than John Dutton. Plus, Jefferson White ranks the many ways Jimmy’s been hurt on the show with the ultimate pain scales. Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network, in partnership with Ram Trucks.

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