‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Reveals If Jimmy Is Returning for Season Five

by Leanne Stahulak

Rest easy, Jefferson White fans, because the “Yellowstone” star confirmed that he will return for Season Five of the Taylor Sheridan show.

After the events of Season Four, some fans wondered whether they’d seen the end of Jimmy (Jefferson White). He traveled down to Texas to train at the Four-Sixes Ranch. There, he learned how to be a proper cowboy and met the love of his life, Emily (Kathryn Kelly). And when Jimmy traveled back up to Montana to fulfill his promise to John Dutton, John gave him his blessing to move back down to Texas and be with Emily, if that’s what he wanted.

When we last saw Jimmy, he was driving off into the sunset with Emily. That seemed like a pretty clear indication to fans that Jefferson White would not be returning for “Yellowstone” Season Five. Some even wondered if it indicated that he and Kathryn Kelly would now kick off the spin-off series “6666.”

But White himself put all the rumors to rest. “I’m in season 5. Jimmy’s in season 5,” White told Us Weekly earlier this week. “That’s great. I’m really looking forward to that. I didn’t know necessarily what Jimmy’s future was. I still don’t know exactly what Jimmy’s future holds.”

It’s truly up in the air for all the cast members. Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille revealed at the ACM Awards that Sheridan’s still working on the script, and none of the cast has it in hand just yet.

What Could We Expect From Jefferson White in ‘Yellowstone’ Season Five?

Now that we have confirmation that Jefferson White will star in “Yellowstone” Season Five, what should we expect from his character?

Ultimately, it seems to depend on whether or not Jimmy really makes it out of Montana. When we left off in Season Four, Jimmy and Emily were driving away, yes. But they also passed Mia on the side of the road, who gave their trailer a long look. Could she be a reason they stay in Montana a little longer at the Dutton Ranch? Or could something else hold them back?

If Jimmy and Emily do return to Texas, then hopefully there’s an engaging storyline that keeps them there. Maybe it ties into Travis the horse guy or a new character we haven’t met yet. Either way, we hope Jimmy’s growth continues in the next season.

Jefferson White doesn’t seem to care either way how Jimmy’s story ends up, so long as he gets to keep working with Taylor Sheridan.

“I’ve really given up on trying to guess. What Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator — I think one of the best writers in television now or ever, definitely — comes up with is always so much better than what I could come up with,” White explained to Us Weekly. “So I’m really excited that Jimmy’s journey continues, and I have no idea where it leads and I’m just kind of ready to try to hold on.”