‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Reveals Jimmy’s ‘Fatal Injury’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Jefferson White knows that his character Jimmy’s been in a lot of pain throughout his four seasons on the show. But there’s one pain that hurts more than all the rest.

White even calls it his “fatal injury,” during a recent episode of the ongoing “Yellowstone” YouTube series, “Stories from the Bunkhouse.” White teamed up with Denim Richards (Colby) and Ian Bohen (Ryan) to break down how many painful moments Jimmy’s experienced.

The trio recalls everything from Jimmy getting tasered to getting bear spray in the face to getting branded to getting his heart broken by Mia. They even bring up the life-changing injury that happened during the Season 3 finale. Jimmy tried to ride a bucking bronc, but the horse threw him off. According to the “Yellowstone” stars, Jimmy broke his back, pelvis, arm, and weenie during that moment.

But Bohen wraps up the discussion with one painful moment that “I’m quite certain is number one: The pain of disappointing John Dutton.”

White quickly follows up with an insightful observation. “Disappointing JD, for a lot of people that’s a fatal injury,” he says.

It’s true. John may not be the easiest guy to please, but if you cross him or disappoint him in an unredeemable way, then he lets you know about it. Just look at Jamie for the last three seasons. John cut him off, financially and emotionally.

And Jimmy broke his word to John. During “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 2, John has a serious talk with Jimmy about the consequences of breaking his word and disappointing him. He sends the ranch hand off to the Four-Sixes ranch to learn how to be a real cowboy. Jimmy had to leave the only true family and home he knows behind, knowing that the last thing John felt about him was disappointment.

‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Boys Imitate John Dutton

Few actors could capture the spirit of John Dutton as effectively as Kevin Costner has. He has the perfect gravitas and presence, giving a lot of personality to John with very few words. And recently, the other stars on “Yellowstone” tried to replicate that demeanor.

White, Bohen, and Richards opened up “Stories from the Bunkhouse” with a nod to Costner’s portrayal of Dutton. They mimicked the opening scene from Season 4 Episode 3, where John sits by the fire and moodily sips a cup of coffee.

The official “Yellowstone” Twitter account shared a snippet of the moment. They captioned it, “No one has mastered brooding by the fire better than John Dutton.”

It’s a true fact, no matter how hard the Bunkhouse Boys try. All three seem to have something missing from their attempts that Costner just emulates perfectly. But we still give them credit for trying.