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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Reveals ‘Novel’ Season 4 Moment for Jimmy

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

Yellowstone star Jefferson White has been through a lot of tough scenes playing Jimmy Hurdstrom, the ranch hand at the bottom of the totem pole at the Dutton Ranch. In fact, it wasn’t until Jimmy left the Dutton Ranch for greener pastures that he began to get some respect and some breathing room in a relationship.

In a new episode of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” White held forth on what it’s like for Jimmy to feel valued. In his new job, he’s respected at work, and in his new dating relationship with Emily (Kathryn Kelly), he’s not being shamed about his employment or goaded into doing something dangerous.

Indeed, White said there was one moment in particular during Sunday’s episode that was “novel” for Jimmy.

Yellowstone Star Says Respect Is ‘Novel’ for Jimmy

White sat down with his fellow Bunkhouse Boys to discuss the restaurant scene during Jimmy’s date with Emily. He said the scene was really nice, both for Jimmy and for him. But there was one moment during that scene that stood out.

“In Jimmy’s past, all these relationships started in the Bunkhouse, where there’s not a lot of privacy,” White explained. “And there’s not a lot of opportunities to really talk.”

“Not a lot of courtship,” Ryan actor Ian Bohen interjected.

“Exactly,” White agreed. “This like first date – and things started out so fast with Mia. Also for Jimmy, you’re getting away from the Yellowstone. Getting out of the bunkhouse, sitting in a restaurant with this woman. It’s like, it’s such a simple pleasure. He has never done this in his life.”

“Also I think the most meaningful thing for Jimmy at that restaurant is the cow boss coming up to him, the cow boss of this other ranch, knowing his name, speaking to him with respect,” White added. “That’s hugely novel for him. You know, out here, he has this opportunity to build back up from zero.”   

What’s Next for Jimmy?

At some point, Jimmy’s story will have to make the transition from Yellowstone to 6666, in which both White and Walker actor Ryan Bingham will be starring. How Walker ends up at the Four Sixes remains to be seen, but Jimmy has already settled in there and, as of Sunday’s episode, is apparently flourishing.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner) seemed to expect Jimmy to come back to the Dutton Ranch someday. Dutton said Jimmy will know it’s time to go when he’s ready – whenever that may be. But as things stand, it’s hard to imagine Jimmy ever wanting to turn around and go back.

Where do Jimmy and Emily go from here? Tune in to Yellowstone Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network to find out.