‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Reveals What He Admires Most About Summer

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s Bunkhouse Boys are all about Summer’s ferocity in Season 4, especially when it comes to that breakfast scene.

“No matter where you’re coming from, you have to admire Summer’s bravery,” Jefferson White says of the instantly iconic showdown between Summer Higgins and Beth Dutton. The Jimmy actor sits down with his bunkhouse co-stars for another “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” and this time it’s all about Season 4, Episode 6.

Within, Piper Perabo’s Summer finally comes face-to-face with the rage of Kelly Reilly’s Beth. And immediately, the sparks, knives, and jugs o’ milk begin to fly. But as White says, you’ve absolutely got to admire Summer’s bravery throughout their scenes together.

Thinks take another hysterical turn when Summer requests anything “that didn’t have a heartbeat last week” from Yellowstone Ranch cook Gator. And it’s this sequence that has Jefferson White lauding her “bravery.”

“How would you have started that conversation?” Colby’s Denim Richards asks him. “Would you say, like, ‘Hey, I’m vegan?'”

To which White bursts out laughing. “It really is amazing!” She’s so confident in herself that, no matter where you come from, you have to admire Summer’s bravery,” he says.

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‘Yellowstone’s Piper Perabo Says Kelly Reilly is ‘So Scary’ as Beth Dutton

This entire breakfast sequence, as you can imagine, led to immense fun for the actors involved, too. For Piper Perabo, it was pure joy to be able to square off with her real-life friend, Kelly Reilly. Well, after she got over the initial shock, that is.

“She’s so scary as Beth Dutton,” Perabo grins wide. “To me it’s really funny [knowing] Kelly in real life.”

Meanwhile, Yellowstone fans are hoping these two have a whole lot more to hash out. Knowing Beth Dutton, they will.

“She is so protective of John,” Kelly Reilly says of her breakout character. “And she does see Summer as someone who’s sort of an enemy, because she doesn’t think Summer sees, or thinks, or appreciates – at all – what this world is. Or who [John Dutton] is.”

And then there’s Summer, who Piper Perabo says “has nothing to lose. I’m with John, and Beth can go f*ck herself,” she smiles. “And it is so hard for Beth to sit in that dining room chair.”

Hard is one word for it. “Suddenly she’s having breakfast with her,” Reilly retorts. “Beth can be cruel. Beth can be mean. I mean, Beth needs to go to therapy,” she laughs. “She really needs to figure that out.”

Something tells us that won’t be happening anytime soon. Where Summer’s loyalties will lie on Yellowstone is still up for debate, too.